Weeding or not to weed


Ok so the two ladies I put in the ground are coming along inspite of the nibbles on leaves. Now I am asking about the veg around the plants is starting to grow, so shall I pull those out by hand or let it become part of the landscape


When you plant outside; You should always prepare 2’x2’ ’ area per plant; Minimum!

So; Yes, you need to keep that entire area free of weeds and root zone sucking “Grass”.



Yup keep it clean around your plant.
Weeds and grassroots will take away nutrients from your plants.

Be Safe


Will do! Did this and keeping area clean by hand pulling other vegetation. Two in ground two in green house, groynd plants just now starting to fill in. However the two in pots of greenhouse are huge so I am pulling down branches to get more light an hopeful shorter to save space