Weed stocks. Have em? Want em?


I might have lol. That is why i am starting to think that just to invest in the whole etf its ticker is called MJ and it has all the cannabis investments. Tilray Aurora Canopy and Chronos this might be a safer play.


Well you know, the upside of the etf is also the downside. If you looked today vs 2-3 months ago, the etf would’ve been much wiser decision than tilray. But not the same if you compare etf vs Chronos.


Hey @dbrn32 i might like to get into the weed show. Any advice?


Long term or short term? Chronos group and canopy growth have the big money invested in them probably making the most sense if you’re looking for a long term investment. I would definitely put both on radar to watch anyway.


How much to get in man?:thinking::sunglasses:


Ya no kidding. Tilray currently up $11 on the day. Chronos up 5% too.


@stretchgfw.1957 it all depends on what your goals are my friend. I have a little IRA that i put 25 dollars in a week threw E-trade. One thing is to remember is a few of these are canadian companies and are only available on the canada extange. I have CGC myself but i paid a premium price right before it went legal. The whole market is down right now so its a great time to get into the space. The ticker for the whole Weed space is MJ its a etf that has position in Tilray Canopy Aurora and Chronos and a few others i think it also has gw pharma. This is my retirement fund so i am long on most of my picks and i am hoping to get a nice return once edibles are released this next year. CGC is at 29 right now so you can pick up as many shares as you want at that price. I invested 400 at 55 (yes i pulled the trigger way to fast i got mj fever) I should of waited for the pull back. You can go to Ally Invest they have some of the lowest fews on the market 3.95 per trade no min balance. E-trade has a 500 min balance on new accounts that you can fund over time and if you invest they will let your account stay open because they cant sell your position without your consent. I hope this helps you out you can invest what ever you have in this space. And its a great time right now as the market is in correction territory and is really open to new investors.


On a side note i just got my yearly div. I got 50 from NBGAX 16.50 from OAKIX. I have 320 invested in NBGAX and with the div i made 25% this year along with the investment going up. (well not now everything is going down) But once the markets gets out of its down turn i will be happy with my investments.


If you’re looking for good dividend funds, check out Ford. They’re paying out like 5% a year, which isn’t exactly through the roof. But price is great right now at under 9. I’ve never been a ford fanboy or anything, but it seems like a really good safe stock for someone looking to dabble in the market. Based on their history, 100 shares can be picked up for around $850 today. Setting dividends to be reinvested you’ll gain 5 shares a year. And they seem to have an aggressive plan to stay relevant.


Anyone know why Canopy group ran today its up almost 4 dollars a share today alone. I was a idiot and got it at market highs so i am still at a loss hope this continues to run with the hopes of a edible market going this year.


I’ve been messing with GWPH which is purely meds made from cannabis. It also is volatile, buy when it dips hard and sell when it spikes hard.

I hope CBD Coke tastes better than Vitamin water. :wink:


I seen something about a new subsidiary in Peru. That was it though


That has to be it @dbrn32 i just saw the news that canopy:latam is in peru. Hopefully it will be enough to get me past the 50 dollar amount i paid for this freaking stock (it was my fault since i let my fundamentals lapse and didn’t wait for the pull back before i paid for it)


You dont wanna know what I’m into tilray for lol. Thankfully I dumped a bunch at $280, I’m nearly even on it at current price. The canopy I originally grabbed close to $40, but I grabbed a little more a little cheaper, I’d have to go look at exactly what I’m in there for. I got lucky and was into chronos early. And bought more prior to spike, so my weed portfolio is fine but not great.


Well its running again today up almost 4 bucks again. Sucks i don’t have any excess cash in the winter i would of got more of it o well i am long on it to begin with and as more and more markets open for cannabis i don’t see really taking a loss in the long term


I bought canopy @ 16 so doubled so far. Also invested in the etf MJ (i like it because it pays dividends). I also did some OTC stocks for canada companies. ammj - eaph -gohe at least two of these are payment companies for canada suppliers. Just letting them gather dust for a long run.


What trading platform are y’all using? I have 1 stocknin Tmobile I am interested in diverting into MJ stocks.


I have a small ira at etrade. Wish i would of not got it at the nov highs i thought it was going to 60 before the pull back but it dropped like 2 days after i got it. Yeah this years new cash is going to be going into the MJ etf also since they have all the major players in the group.


I’m using td Ameritrade and Schwab. I have a couple of bucks in a Robinhood account too, but I usually just use that for swing trading pennies.

My Schwab account is cheaper than Ameritrade. But it doesn’t update real time like the Ameritrade. With the other little twists and quirks I do believe td Ameritrade is hands down the best individual trading platform. It’s also the most expensive, so I have a tendency to buy there when I’m fully intending on going long on something. The difference between $5 and $7 commissions doesn’t really matter there. It also gives you pretty much full access to international markets, as to where robinhood kinda sucks.


I use e-trade, major fan of them. I have several accounts - a roth, an ira, a rollover ira, and a regular brokerage account, and a savings. Can’t wait till I retire and can pull everything from my 401k to them. The mutual funds available to my 401k suck.