Weed stocks. Have em? Want em?


Just wanted to start a thread to keep this discussion together.

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I never thought about it but seeing everything unfold it would be a very wise tI’m to invest if you can


I’ve been messing with them on a small scale for a little while. I use td ameritrade and Robinhood accounts.


Any particular ones of note??


Aurora looked good, I’ve been tracking it.


Thanks for the tag. I personally have Canopy Growth ticker symbol CGC. If your looking for a fund that has a bunch in it look for the Ticker MJ its a ETF But it has holding in Canopy Aurora Tilray and a few others.

Canopy is trading at 49 and some change
MJ ETF is trading in the low 40s

I saw a interview with the CEO of Canopy and they are in 11 countries. He is hoping that the US will remove cannabis from being illegal on the Fed Level with the hopes that some states can operate freely and others can keep cannabis illegal (in their state) Providing a free market to those states that want cannabis legal in there area.


Do you guys know if there is a way to invest in some of these canadian companies? Canada has its own market how would one invest in like Aphiera or some of these other public companies that are on the canadian market?


Has anyone checked Supreme Pharmaceuticals (CVE:FIRE) ?


No, but I will haha.


Do you mean this one?

I can trade most if not all of them through ameritrade. If you use something like Robinhood they are limited in what can be traded. I have a self directed portion of 401k that I can buy anything listed in US markets, perhaps your platform is limited to something like that?


I’m currently holding cron and nxttf. They’re so volatile that it seems to matter more when you buy than what you buy lol.

The nxttf I have bought 4 times now. I grabbed 100 shared at 1.02 originally and now hold 225 on my same $102 investment. Not as much as I could have, but I have managed to sell every time while it was still going up and buy when it still fairly low. The 225 I have picked up at 1.53.

My original purchase off cron was at 5.63 I think. I put sell order for $12 on it just to block my shares from being shorted and the damn thing went through about 2 weeks after I bought it lol. I pocketed those profits and bought another 100 at 9.

I’m trying to sit on what I have until the go live date.


Almost like an IPO on a smaller scale. I’m going to look into this.


I have Canadian: Aurora and Alphria and US: Scotts and TerraTech. The market is underestimated cause people aren’t realizing the potential of CBD. It’s gonna be in everything in the future. Lot of people with anxiety and pain need it.


Isn’t coke looking into adding CBD into a soft drink?


Yup. Speculation was there would be some kind of deal involving Aurora.


Yes that is why Aurora is so volatile because of speculation about CBD and Coke Cola making infused health drinks. Now we have to pay attention to Pepsico and see how they plan on making CBD infused drinks. Coke already owns vitamin water. So i can see that part of coke making a cbd infused drink. Pepsi owns aquafina and we will see if they follow suet. But now i can see actual sports drinks making a cbd variation. So maybee gatorade and powerade will also follow suet.


I’m long on CGC (Canopy Growth). Their Tweed branding and connection with Constellation brands as well as a strong international presence should make them a winner in the long term. But that’s just my opinion, do your own research and decide for yourself. :slight_smile: here’s to the weed future

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Canopy has been about my only bad buy. I was doing well on everything else so set order to buy on 5% drop. Oh well right, holding it for now. No big deal, got into 100 shares of Chronos at 9, and then bought 400 more a little under 7. Not looking too shabby now.


I am also long on CGC i am also invested in the MJ etf that holds all of them Canopy Aurora and Tilray. But you are correct Canopy is the only one to stay long on because of the 4 million dollars investment from constellation brands. Now imo is the best time to buy i dont see it dropping below 30 so it should just be up from here as edibles and other brands will be coming out this year.


Did you miss that Altria dumped 1.8 billion into Chronos group?