Weed Smell Not Strong During Drying


I’m drying some buds, but they dont smell too pungent. smelt more when they were still on the plant.
is this normal? :slight_smile: also, i read somewhere that when you cure them they’ll start to smell again, is this true?
thanks :slight_smile:


Yes an yes it will start to smell like hay


Depends how you’re drying them and pre trimmed. If you’re just cutting away and not just cutting the leaf at the base. You will get a fresh grass smell. Fast drying will also take the smell away. Curing is where you get the taste and smell you’re use to.


It can be strain dependant, how and when you harvested, how quickly it was dried, cured etc. A lot of variables there. I’ve found the aroma to fade somewhat right after drying but with a slow cure it is smelling lovely now.


Yes normal in the 1st stage of drying thay will lose stink! But it will come back when its cureing sometimes to when 1st bag it up will smell like moth balls if this happens it needs air so let it air out overnight out of bag then bag up again and being the cure proses