Weed journal from Aotearoa


very nice good looking ladies there

Happy grow’n …jimmie in okc


Yup everyone is coming along. Any luck on the clones?


The clones still look the same as when I did them, so I’m guessing that’s a good thing as they arnt dead , There these lil strands of something on the bottem of the stalk which are barely visible .


Im guessing root formation. Success!

Also not dead is always good


One week later growth

Mk ultra 121 cms. 17cm growth this week
Blue dream 60 cms. 10 cm growth this week
Gorilla glue 25 cms.

Sprayed once with Kina juice . Think these girls are going to be tied down before to long or the wall built taller


The gf wanted to try something new to us so I’ve let her go on a bag seed,


Haha looks like she is having fun


Here’s my baby

grown 17 cms this week already. , Oh one clone has a root on her :+1:t4: How many roots should I let her have before I plant her in some potting mix?


I honestly put em in soil before they show a root. So she should be alright. Dont give her a complete climate shock tho. Like if she is domed, ween her off the dome a couple hours a day. If she inside, put her out a couple hours a day.

Im notorious for killing clones tho. Before n after they root


I had them in a bread bag but they started to grow mold on leaves , so took off about a week ago, they have grown new leaves since I attempted to clone ,

Last year like two out of twenty lived .


Yea gotta watch mold when super humid. I tossd the clones that lookd like they was getting close cuz all my plants in same room and not tempting mold gods…


The mold was just on the older leaves which I just chopped off , hows your plants going ?


They are fine. Nice and healthy. Pistils everywhere n funkier by the day.


Blue dream 90 cms tall

Gorilla glue 70 cms tall

mk ultra. 160 cms tall

Should be a mid April harvest


I guess this is a good problem to have…


Please don’t suggest topping her as that isn’t an option

My question is my plant has got 70 cms till it gets to top of the wall, the plant has grown 10 cms in three days.

Do you recon I should start to tie down now ? As its got roughy four months longer to grow and will be well above the wall?

Iv already built the wall taller two years ago because of this issue .


Haha I love that problem. I’ve had a monster take off on me before. I drove a stake into the ground, tied a ratchet strap around it and the top half of the plant then tightened every day. All the way into flower it got a couple clicks tightened daily.


would love to see a photo :+1:t4:


No photos bro. This is from my early 20s. Very paranoid. Haha. I only grow in 20L pots outside now for this very reason. My last one gave me 2oz of pure fire. The one outside now is a monstercropped Hindu Kush clone. I try to keep outdoor ones small because I’m in suburbia. I don’t need the stress I put on myself when the big girls are in the ground. Iv got a couple good sized girls in my tent now. Check out my journal if you’re interested. I’m definitely following your grow bro.:call_me_hand:t2:


She is gorgeous! Yes, you should start to tie her down if you want to keep her from getting any taller.


I do want her to get to the top but not over it, I’m just worried if I let her grow more in veg when she stretches in flower it be harder to keep her from saying hello to the neighbours. (Which just moved in, last neighbours didn’t care about them).

Or am I worrying about nothing and tie down later?