Weed journal from Aotearoa


Planted outside today, put pea straw around base, and put wire mesh around to stop these inconsiderate cats from digging them up :cat2:


Dont forget your insect preventative measures. ‘An gram of prevention is worth a pound of grade a weed’… or some sh!t like that. Sorry if we discussd before. But look into food grade DE (good for all buggies) and BT (caterpillar killer).

Also vermiculite is an EXCELLENT alternative to the straw. It could replace the DE and act as moisture retention.


I never have any issues with bugs in my previous grows, one of those emails from ilgm day to
Put cinnamon around the base and it help? Something to look into I think


Hey if it works :man_shrugging:t5: Let the green times roll!


Top photo is mk ultra and bottem is blue dream, both are boosting now, blue dream is small but has got heaps of side shoots as she been topped


That blue dream a clone? Shr had those funky 1 finger leaves lol. But lovely side shoots. And is that the mk ultra from the beginning?!?! She looks much better


No that’s the blue dream from seed , and yup that’s the mk ultra from the start, was all the sunlight you suggested to do, this is the gorilla glue

I repotted her a few weeks ago as it was looking shet, she has just sat there and done nothing hopefully growing roots, I sowed a new seed of gg so far it’s doing good


The others are in the ground and soil buffers pH for them (mostly). So maybe toss her in the ground. N happy to be of help :grin::grin:

N once when i topped i got those leaves first as well. Now i amember :man_facepalming:t5::joy:


You reckon I should pinch the side branches on the mk ultra? Or wait till they abit bigger?


Id top her at the top. Let the sides come out better


Gona plant that gg one in the pot in the ground u recon I should bury her abit ? Like half way down the stalk?


Yup. She will grow roots out the buried stems


@PurpNGold74. This is a attempt at cloning did yesterday.

Have u tried this way?

I’ve got another on with a bread bag on top


You will need to hold the humidity. Bread bag works. I have like 6 in a bottle of water. 2 in seedling 3 inch square pots. And 6 in 3 in pots inside a dome.

Just bought a airpump, line, n stone n have 2 little totes im turning into a cloning chamber. This site is AWESOME!!! (Think it was @Mrcrabs who showd me first and another @ktreez420 thread that made me pull the trigger) $20 tops in supplies. Whenever i put it together ill tag u


Here’s a DIY Cloner I did.$1.50 for container and a couple bucks for the small air pump.received_491516914698510 received_1900240400090362


I took bag off cause It was a pain to put on, will put it back on when get home :+1:t4:


Yea extra steps are usually a PITA. But humidity on clones is mandatory. They dont have roots so the drink from the air


I’ve been spraying the leaves with water aswell, you recon I should give them a lil feed?

I did them on Friday still no roots today but they look still look good, Bag has been put back on


Mk ultra top photo and blue dream bottem, 13 days from last photo


Blue dream 50 cms tall

Mk ultra. 1 metre tall

Gorilla glue 2nd seed , sowed later then the rest just starting to boost