Weed journal,,, death match

I assume it is about that time for me.

Attempt to grow some weeds.

Weed journal , death match.

I am getting the setup in place over the next week. Dropping seeds today.

I’ll be back with an update of seeds and strain types.


Drop that shizzzzz…:grin::wink:


SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAYYYYY…BE THERE!!! Hahaha! I’m always down to watch a death match. No killin em, though. Okay?



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Can you believe this. I lost my Seeds.

I have other’s that are regulars, but I was wanting to drop some autos due to new setup…

I looked for 4 hours yesterday.


that’s the worse…

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Yeah. 4 different strains .

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If only one of us come up with the cure… they will be billionaire’s.

the cure to our poor memories.

Lol and my memory is bad, add meds and my wife follows me around helping me remember.

I got the lights up.

As old and as slow as I am. Shoot might take me 3 weeks to get set up.

I’ll find the seeds by then.

I hope.


Well I buried six lovely Cinderella 99

I didn’t want to pop those, but due to circumstances, of loosing my other seeds I am stuck with these.

Well stuck is not a good word. But I didn’t want to pop them period.

Oh well, wish me luck.


Because, this is where the death match begins. If they can servive me, they will beocme beast!

Gotta get that humidity up. Oh my

Anyone hunt?


Hope you got a lot of light and room they will get big I love to hunt :wink:

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Hogmaster, this is the first time.i hunt in 20 years. .
Sure feels good to connect with nature.


Any ideas on how to hang a cloud line inside a 3x3 tent?


ive seen people jus leaving them standing like that and duct up the corner… just seems easy…

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I assume they would leave it on the floor and duct to the vent?

With a 3x3 I want to maximize my floor space if possible…

Between the can and the fan. The dang thing is heavy.

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Bungee cords work well to both support the weight and absorb some of the vibration/sound. Hang it with the plants removed from the tent, so you can check it’s hanging sturdy and won’t fall on them. They work better up high, to remove heat from the tent. Down low will probably work okay, but not as effectively.


Hey, thanks a million! The advice helps a bunch.

I really wouls.like the fan to be outside of the tent.

Situations is pushing for it I side.


Where there is a will there is a way

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