Weed In the Time Of Coronoa: An accidental SOG and an Auto

Please meet my Girl Scout Troop: The Smallest SOG: Veg Day 1 AND Flower Day 1

(4) GSC in CocoLoco with organic dry amendments
30 days from cut / Transplant Day 1 and Pre Flower Day 1

they’ve been in solos for a little over 30 days and I went to transplant yesterday and @#!!, there are buttons. the timer has been on 12/12 since the start. welp. so i put them into four 1-gallon pots and am just going to let them go. i really wanted to do 3 gallons to compare to @Missiles awesome single gallon SOG, but instead now we’re gonna look at what happens when you never veg your plants lol.

transplanted into 1 gallon pots with dry amendments in CoCo Loco. so this is kinda day one of flower but it’s also day one of flower. no clue what i’m supposed to do with nutes LOL. they’ll probably get a bloom tea in a few days. then i’ll amend with bloom dry amendments.

just to give you some perspective on how small these things are. and yeah, the tent is sitting on top of a filing cabinet because I have 0SF of available floor space.

and since I now have extra room, I dropped a Caramel Cream Auto. the seed already sunk and is in paper towels. a 5 gallon will just barely fit in here, so I have a pot ready and waiting with CoCoLoco, preamended with organic dry nutes.

I have zero room for any auto BS so i’m hoping i’ve paid all of my bad karma auto juju up front. if you’ve followed any of my others i had one that never flowered and another than went 90 days in veg and I eventually chucked it. . these often stay compact and are supposed to go 65-70 days from germ to harvest, so we’ll see.


I’m anxious to see how they turn out. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised :grin:


i sure hope so. leave it to me to mess up an experiment straight out of the gate. but let’s see what we end up with :slight_smile:


woke up this morning to a little happiness. in just under 36 hours, my cream caramel auto sprouted a lovely little tail. hoping this is a sign of good things to come.

i had to get a little a creative with figuring out how to prop up the 1-gallons. like everyone, i’m overstocked on canned goods, so this seems like a good 2 for 1 solution. not sure i should keep canned food in here for the long term? but for now, it’s looking good.

i used a solo cup to make a hole in the 5-gallon coco loco and filled it with straight coco and wet it with water and recharge. i also did it off center. going to try to bend it over and train, and training without topping and keeping things symmetric has always hurt my brain, so giving this a shot.


Sunday Funday Official Update

Cream Caramel Auto (start of week 2 from drop) in a 5gallon pot of Coco Loco
4x GSC clones accidentally already in flower, start week 2 from transplant into 1 gallon

The baby is looking just fine, despite the dry conditions. trying to keep her domed and taking it off occasionally to get her toughened up as quickly as possible.

the clones didn’t stretch much, but maybe they were “stretching” while they were still in the solos since i’d had them under 12/12 from the start. the SW plant is the tallest and stretched more than the others that have stayed pretty small. i topped dressed the soil with bloom nutes, which seems silly since they were just fed for the first time veg nutes last week. but that’s the way the girls scout cookie crumbles.


Official Update

another week and it’s hard to tell if my GSCs are doing much. i started measuring so i can keep track. if they don’t grow or stretch much more i have to decide if i wanna keep them going or not. they’re starting week 8 from snip.

the cream caramel is coming along, she’s starting week 3 from seed drop. her leaves look droopy but she’s outgrown her dome. however she’s in a tent with plants in flower with a light on high power, so she may be in for a harsh transition unless i can find a bigger dome.


Official Weekly Update

GSC clone troop : start week 10 from snip and 6 weeks from transplant and 12/12

i don’t know what to say about the GSCs. they were accidentally on 12/12 from transplant. the bud goes all the way to the dirt. I don’t think they’re growing vertically at all but they seem to be filling out a little.

Caramel Cream Auto: start week 4 from seed drop

i’m super pleased with how she’s growing! she’s at least a week ahead of my previous grow. i carved out a solo sized hole and used pure coco in the 5 gallon coco loco pot. she’s also in a tent with flowers in flower so the light is at 100% and she’s gonna pancake. in a few days i’m going to start training her sideways across the pot.


cream caramel auto training day! i don’t top autos, and training them and the resulting lack of symmetay has always bugged me, so i’m giving this a shot. i potted her off center. today i used a little twisty tie to anchor her stem to left side and i’m pulling her down so she can grow across the pot to the right.


Sunday Funday Update

2x2 is coming along with not a ton to report.

the cream caramel auto is making her away across very nicely. love seeing the new growth. this is the start of week 5 from seed drop for her.

the silly SOG:

the bud stacked a half an inch lol. no signs of fattening up yet. they are what i’m guessing starting week 3 of flower.

the extra little baby in there is a hemp seedling that i’m growing for my mom. i’m not sure what i’m going to do with her yet. i’m out of space. may try to get her in a 1 gallon and sneak her in somewhere, but i have to remember to get her out as this tent is on 12/12. we don’t need another accidental premature flower.

Happy sunday!


Sunday Funday Update

2x2 Tent
Cream Caramel Auto Start of Week 6 from drop
4x GSC clones straight into flower, start week 4

The cream caramel is coming along. i had to let up on the across the pot training for now as the cola is starting to fill up and buds were getting squished. she won’t be a big plant, but seems about right. i’m happy at this point just to have a normal auto.

everyone got their first tea this week. I’m continuously top dressing the GSCs due to the small pot size and the fact they’re already in flower and missed out on the regularly scheduled top dress feeds.

there is either color variagation or some kinda damage happening to the auto, keeping an eye. I did a bug check at 60x and didn’t see anything. hoping it’s funky coloring.

The GSCs aren’t growing any more but they do seem to be fattening a bit. these are very silly little plants and probably a waste of energy. but for now, all is fine.


giphy (1)

Happy Belated Cannaversary @KinSEDC :grin:


Thanks, lady!!! I think i saw my own cake for like a minute at 11:59 and barely saw it myself.


Lol it comes and goes quick!


Update! i’ve fallen a little behind. but big day here at the microgrowery 2x2… the accidental SOG has been chopped!

the cream caramel auto in the center is coming a long and putting on a little weight. she’s staying small which is what was expected. i’ve seen a few other grows with this plant and they can be small and dense.

and now for the giant girl scout troop… 11 weeks from transplanting and accidentally on 12/12 right away.


Trim time! how much time do you think it’ll take to trim FOUR WHOLE PLANTS?? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

place your bets on final dried weight!

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there is something funky going on with the site… but let’s see if this works now. i can’t upload photos.

Final weigh-in for the Girl Scout Troop beasts… 22 grams! lol. it’s actually more than i thought and the buds were totally solid.

and continuing on the tiny theme, the Cream Caramel Auto may be coming down today. my scope went for a swim in the tub, so i’m waiting on a delivery today, but i think i finally see a little amber and i’m glad i waited because the buds fattened up every so slightly over the last week when they were looking 50/50 cloudy/clear. maybe i’ll get an Oz out of her?


Maybe they should give us more likes to compensate :joy: :+1: I’m outta likes, obviously, or Ida liked your non photo update. I’m not even gonna ask about the scope in the tub. When you say tub, I think bath tub. :joy: Not asking :joy:

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haha. well ya. bathtub. BAHAHA. don’t go there. all da plant biz gets done in there. scope was sitting on the edge of the tub when i was dumping out leftover water from the bucket and i knocked it in.

let’s see if it’ll let me upload photos now. saying the post is too old to edit, of course, so try try again…

NOPE. how annoying.

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I still can’t upload photos. it’s been days. no one else seems to be having this issue?

well this is a crappy way to end a journal. i still can’t upload anything. so i guess… that’s a wrap? the cream mandarine yielded a whopping 22 grams, but it was all solid, no larf. it was a funny little plant and also very gratefully, problem free!