Weed flavor and scent

I’ve been growing a variety of strains for about 4 years (ourdoors). I had eight different strains this year, some with very distinct scents like strawberry Ice, Tangerine, Lemon Haze. This is the first year that they all smell and taste almost the same with no strong scents of other years. They were all grouped in one area. is it possible that they cross pollinated? Ever had this issue come up?


First, welcome to the community!

Male plants would have to be involved for any pollination to occur, and you’d have seeds. And I think the smell/taste would be unaffected by pollination since what is in play are the terpenes. The terpenes are a product of the individual plant.

I would think that if they all smell/taste the same it would be more likely related to drying/curing, but maybe weather could be involved as well.

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Plants will go through phases where they don’t emit much odor and other times it knocks you down.


Welcome! Plant smells come and go.

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Maybe it is the weather. we had an awful lot of rain this year in New England, more than most years. I’ve been fighting bud rot too.
Thanks for the input.


It is a mystery…

They should be smelling now as it’s harvest time. If you pull them early they won’t have much smell

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They are actually a bit past harvest time.

If you rub the plant a little between your fingers how do they smell?

Pretty close to the same for all of them. They are very sticky.

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Greetings @fanatic01!
I saw your post and thought I’d chime in. This past year I had two harvest. I too have the same issues smelling both my crops. Id suggest you get an expert over and have them do the smell test.
But first, read this.
First harvest; Space Cake, Purple Passion, Crystal Rain, and (1) bag seed. All were grown from seed and all but the bag seed were also cloned. Each was grown from hydroponics; Aqua and Coco.
Second harvest; GSG eXtreme, Wedding Cake, Cherry Pie, Runtz, Zkittles and Gelato. All grown from hydroponics Aqua.
Right before the first harvest I was diagnosed with COVID-19.
Not to pry but…, it can destroy the Olfactory nerve cells.
I was diagnosed Jan. ‘21 am still have some loss in smell. It’s coming back but still not all back.

Rub the stem of each plant and compare the scents , terps are secreted on the stems but tend to be a Lil more bitter

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Sorry to hear that, but not the case with me.

I never had symptoms, other than lose of smell. Just was exposed and got tested. I’m smelling better now.

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If I lost my sense of smell and taste I’d be very disappointed


To say the least.

My taste wasn’t effected, just smelling stuff.

I would have never known I was infected. When my wife’s coworkers got it she was tested and had it too. So I got tested , otherwise I’d never known. Except losing my :nose:

That’s so scary. Makes me wonder how many people are just walking around with it and not even know they’re spreading it