Weed as a houseplant?

My buddy gave me a couple seeds of Super Lemon Haze. All but one were crushed by the mail-sorting equipment, but if this one sprouts, I was thinking about growing it in a container in the house, just for fun. Has anybody here ever tried that?

My two tents are spoken for; I just started some GG4 in both tents.

Thanks in advance for your time and advice.

If you have a room or something where it wouldn’t be a problem to hang a grow light, and if your environment is good enough without a tent, then give it a go. Window sill sun through a window will block some uv rays, even if it’s sunny all day, but hey, why not as a fun experiment.

I grow autoflowers in a corner of a spare-ish bedroom that I’m not in much, and my environment is fairly good most of the year, that works for me.