Weed and Blood pressure

Is there a strain that helps reduce blood pressure?

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CBD helped me with my blood pressure. I went from using both Amlodipine and Propranolol to just using the Amlodipine after regular CBD dosing. You might look into the CBD heavy strains such as super critical CBD or harlequin.


Peach Puree CBD is one of my favorite strains right now. :+1:

Are you doing over the counter liquid CBD or growing your own High CBD strain?

I’m thinking about trying the ILGM Hemp Blueberry CBD for my next grow.

I buy a CBD isolate from Lazarus Naturals.

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I have a few different CBD strains. G13 Peach Puree CBD is 5% THC to 10% CBD. Yes you get a nice mind high as well. :+1:

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CBD can help you, hope so.

Good info there.

Glad to hear that it is working for hypertension. I have read that people using medication for hypertension need to be very careful with using CBD or any other medical marijuana to control blood pressure. Something about the interaction between the two. Has anyone else heard negative comments about using CBD to lower blood pressure?

That’s something you should address with your physician.

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Yes i know of a strain blood pressure, I’ve been using it for the last 3yrs now, i stop taking my prescription med after i discover this strain, if you need more info about this strain i would be happy to help