Wedding gelato fem already above "max" height


So I got this thicc girl and as usual I leave her in veg for a good long minute. I prob went to 12/12 week 8 or something I don’t remember.

Anyways, seed seller says indor height 60cm-100cm and I don’t know what these people do indoors but shes already 110cm :grimacing: only about 30cm to the lights now slow down girl !

That’s a 6L watering pot for scale. Anyways I’m steadily chugging along week 11 and I really hope she’ll get me some nice big nugs, just sharing the grow :slight_smile:

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Averages suggested that my nephew wasn’t going to be 6’ 7", but that’s how it worked out.

Looks like a happy, healthy plant. Good growing.

She will get quite a bit taller since she’s just started flowering. It’s called the “stretch” and she’ll get 30 to 100% taller. Learning techniques like supercropping can help you manage her height.

Is this an auto or a photo?


Long time indoor growers will allow for tent and light height. When about half of the room is taken up by the plant, top her, put her in a net or flip her into flower.

Yea I hope I don’t need to do anything drastic, if things keep growing I can free up space via the extractor setup above light before I touch her. Also first grow got pretty tall as well before flower but she stopped when she got close to light so maybe they know when there’s no more room.