Wedding cake trouble help

Thanks! What kind of trouble did you have with your first attempt? Feeding the plants out in the garden will be a whole lot different than indoors under lights. Hard to judge how much fert to give, and there is no way to fix it if you put on too much.

thanks! The outdoor grow attempt is planned for next year. Definitely too late this year to start seed. I am planning to start seed indoors mid-april, and transplant outside about Memorial day. (Weather gets cold and damp by October.) Sound about right?

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Id even start late march to get some good growth before transplanting outdoors

The first batch didnt put on any dry weight the trichomes and pistals were telling me she was ready but she didnt like what i was doing she wanted more light and water she was healthy and really green but i failed her she definitely doesn’t like the cold for sure also dosent like high heat she is very picky as far as nutris go if you over due it she’ll let you know and it’ll suck but you have a chance to fix it and its just giving her pure water but the best way to avoid over feeding is just to premix your nutrients then water her watch you ph levels you can follow instructions on the nutrients the second time i gave her a little less then what the instructions said.

Thanks Newbie!