Wedding Cake Grow First Autos in 12 Years or Better

I’m ready to kick off another grow in the 3x3. Will be under the dual HLG 260 Rspecs w/UVA in the 3x3. I’ve been planning on doing this grow in Coco. And I’m ready to pop seeds. Going to use Humbolt Secret Starter Pack + 2 for nutrients. But I’m getting cold feet, ICE Cold feet over the coco. Just not setting right with me at all. I even have the pots filled and ready to go with Fox Farm 70/30 Coco/Perlite. But I didn’t sleep good on it last night which is very strange for me. I also have a Peet/Coco/Perlite mix and the always ready to go Ocean Forrest. I’ve never enjoyed growing in Coco or Auto’s for that matter. But I saw this as a opportunity to push through that barrier. For me coco has always been a half ass answer to hydro. And if I had the room I would be growing straight hydro. And honestly if I push through I’m really going to need the help of the community concerning auto’s and coco as if a new grower was kicking the grow off. Thats how green I am with auto’s and coco. I’ve got the #5 nursery pots loaded up with coco and ready to go. But I have a knot in my gut. What says the community?

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I’ve found using straight canna coco crazy simple. Faster growth than soil. Easily controlled nutrients. Delicious tasting and smelling buds.


OK, so how did you accomplish this great feat? :slight_smile:

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I watered with full strength Jack’s 321 pH to 5.8 every day. And I have sweet lights.

Obviously there’s more to it than that… but honestly not much. :joy:

From the start

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Will be creeping thru the grow. Cant wait 4 it great light and coco really is amazing

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Well I’ve chickened out on coco this grow. I’m just going to do it in Ocean Forrest and move on. I’ll use the coco in my next photo grow. I need to approach this from a beginners perspective and complicating autos with coco neither of which I worked with in 10 to 12 years ain’t going to happen right now. So the coco part of the grow is in the tub…

Especially with autos, I don’t think I’ll ever do them in soil again unless it’s outdoor. I just can’t get them big fast enough before they switch to flower.

Good luck though. I’ll be happy to follow along

@Underthestairs gotcha covered with a link to his journal. Take it from a previous soil grower that’s been in coco the last year and 1/2. Total control and near zero issues :love_you_gesture:

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I guess you were following along :rofl:

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:joy::joy: just my self induced issues Brother :love_you_gesture:

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Coco is in the tub and Ocean Forrest is in the pots and the seeds are floating.

Nice. I still do soil i love coast of maine bar Harbor blend

Grow is dead now. I’ve lost water at the house and the god damn worthless pos okies in the shit state I live in can’t seem to get my main and meter fixed. And my plumbers phone has just stopped working. I’m struggling to keep another grow going buying water as it’s in flower. So when I get water I will pop more seeds and refire the grow if I don’t end up in jail tuning up some retard okies.