Wedding Cake, Big Kolas dying leaves

Is there anything that I can do for the dying leaves deep inside of the kolas. Are they just being smothered from size of kola or what?


Welcome! I would just trim them up across the plant. It will help with airflow and light to the buds. Yellow leaves happen during flowering often. Plant looks pretty good from the pic. Lots of leaves! :sunglasses:

Just looks like shes fading out towards the end of her life. You can trim them, leave them, totally upto you. If they are blocking light to lower leaves, you can trim them off, or tuck them behind. Aside from that, she looks healthy, so just sit back and let those buds fatten up :+1:

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Hey @rjsr4111 be careful with the dying leaves. At this point any dead vegetation can give fungus, mold and other bugs from invading your nugs.
Carefully remove them, if they ain’t producing chlorophyll they are no good for the plant.

Hey @rjsr4111 ,
I had a Northern Lights do exactly what that wedding cake is doing. I read through a couple of your other threads. I wouldn’t stop growing, kept growing tons of new white pistils and then started with the dying leaves. I finally chopped it down after 17 weeks. It grew so much I kept pulling down the branches but still outgrew the height of the lights. It was massive but totally disappointing. Trichomes were very sparse.
My opinion is at this point if it does not have a good frost its not ever going to. You can certainly wait longer and it wont hurt anything, but if you don’t see improvement you might want to cut losses and chop it and try again.
Here’s a pic of my plant that did that. And my buds looked exactly like yours.

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Your fine as long as those leaves are dieing from the tips inward. If you pull on them and they come out super easy with no resistance then you need to dig into the bud and check for mold. If you pull on them and theres any resistance Id try to clip all the dead/dieing leaves that have a stem longer the an inch.


The completely yellow pluck off with no problem, but partial ones have great resistance.

Leaves turn yellow and other colors and die when the plant no longer needs them so it can focus on bud development.

October 22nd

November 6th

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Seems as though she is smothering herself with the dense foliage internally, and no trichome development. She is actually only 8 weeks into flower, checked on some past photos.

Mine are doing that with some leaves but mine are close to harvest but also mine are changing colour aswell there going there purple colour they should be ,but very plants you have big colas alright i think u may get five or six oz after drying or even more maybe i got nine ozs off a auto before

I was just showing that plants can go a long time with leaves that are turning colors and not be dieing.