Wedding Cake autoflower plants look completely different

Why do these plants look completely different? Both are from same batch of ILGM Wedding Cake autoflower seeds.


Brothers and sisters never look a whole lot like each other either. We see this question a lot here in the forum. It’s never been anything to be concerned about.


One just looks to be a bit behind the other in flower. I actually had this happen this flower run with 1 of the 3 of my gelatos and it looks to be 1-2 weeks behind the other and they are photoperiods and were all flipped at the same time. 1st time its happened to me but it boils down to phenotypes at the end of the day and looks to be nothing of concern as mentioned above


Look up phenotype variations, you’ll find it’s perfectly normal. Only once in a while do I end up with a grow of all the same phenotype, usually I have at least two types within the same strain.


Very dark foilage, very healthy looking.

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Please keep sharing, my 2nd grow, small, just popped my first Wedding Cake auto and Runtz.

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Like others have said, it can just be genetic variation.

Here are two Northern Lights autos that I grew in a tent at the same time and under identical conditions.

One is yellow and one is purple.

I actually like the variety!


Daaayuuummm those look :eyes: amazing!

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