Website Not Enabling Purchases

Hey Stacy. Appreciate the reply. So if I pay for the order. I’m gauranteed they will be shipped. I know others in the same boat as me and if I can pass on the info to pay for existing orders it may take the uncertainty from it. No one wants to part with the coin until we know for sure.

Also couldn’t find the part to enable pm to you. If U don’t mind flicking me one , I’ll definitely reply if I can locate it.

Thanks again n sorry to take up your time

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That’s right. We won’t cancel any open orders, we still get payments for them which will be processed and handled like usual. :slight_smile:

I’ll send you a PM!

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@ILGM.Stacy I hate to report it but the website is giving me the same error again. I have one item in my shopping cart now, but every time I try to pay it just takes me to the confirmation screen for the first order I placed.

Can you please get back to our email thread about what you’d like to order this time? I will personally help you out again.
Unfortunately this particular problem is still being investigated and hasn’t been resolved yet.