Website Not Enabling Purchases

I’ve attempted to contact you through your contact form but I haven’t had any response yet.

I’m trying to make a purchase from your website but the order process keeps skipping over the payment portion and straight to the end ‘Thank you!’ portion, but it’s showing the last order I placed with you. I tried on Chrome and Edge and unable to make any purchases because of it.

I haven’t seen anyone else report this issue so I’m not sure what I can do about it. But as it stands I can’t buy anything from you.

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It’s the weekend there so there won’t be a response till at least Monday. I’ll tag @ILGM.Stacy to see if she can help when she gets back.

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Thank you for the response!

Have a great weekend!

Gee, I hope it didn’t just repeat the last order every time you tried to submit…

No I checked my bank account. The confirmation code it kept giving me was for my last order. So the one I keep trying to make never completes.

Joking of course. I am quite sure they will get you straightened out ASAP.

Hey @ZachS

I’m sorry to hear about your trouble placing an order, I’ve just replied to your email.
We will help you out with this asap. :slight_smile:


Hello Stacy. I’m also receiving no reply via email in regards to not having an option to select Australia as shipping country… Can you please let us know what’s going on with this. I’m loyal to ilgm but am going to have to start buying elsewhere. Hopefully it’s a glitch but if you guys have ditched Australia it would be nice to know. Thanks in advance



Yeah im also having this issue, the only country to select for shipping is the US, so i think its prob a tech issue with the website but im also not getting any response via email.
@ILGM.Stacy can you shed any light?


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A friend also isn’t getting a response via email

@Ozghost Our last reply to you was sent last Friday, can you let me know how you’ve tried to contact us after that date?
We temporarily had to pause shipping to Australia so we can’t take any new orders. I hope to be able to resume shipping to Aus within a few days.

@broom I noticed my colleague just got back to you. Please note that you can expect a reply within 24 hours on weekdays. :slight_smile:

Ok, thankyou for the update.

Hello via email. I’ve got an order that I’m unsure to pay for or not as it’s reserved. Was also going to put another order in but couldn’t. Haven’t had any correspondence but will check again. Thanks for the reply

Definitely no email. I’ll hold off on the order just incase unless it’s ok to pay for? Cheers

Also since the new website I can no longer log into my account but have processed and paid for multiple orders via casual way. Maybe this is why the orders arnt marrying up with me. Appreciate your time

@ILGM.Stacy any update on the issue I was having? I’ve forwarded screenshots as requested. Last I checked the site was still preventing me from making any purchases.

Let me know if there’s anything else you need from me. And thank you for your assistance.

Hi there,

Thanks for getting back.
I’m sorry, but I’m unable to find any new emails from you. Did you try to contact us via our support page? Contact ILGM - We'd Love to Hear From You!
If you did, please let me know so I can check if everything is working properly on that side.

Recently, Shopify shut down our store, without notice. Our developers have rebuilt the site on different software, called Magento.

The new store is online but not yet as polished as the old one.

Unfortunately, it turns out that some of the registered accounts were not migrated successfully to our new platform. Therefore I have to ask you to please register a new account with us via this link. We apologize for the situation.

If you have accumulated VIP points on your original account, please let us know. We’d be happy to transfer the points once the VIP system is online again.

Hi there, I too am trying to place an order and can’t select Australia…any update please as the seeds I’ve selected are running low. I have an account and my selections are sitting in the shopping cart waiting…help

Hello. Can’t share my email addy over here but here is a order that I’m unable or unsure to pay for or not? 2113349

Also is there n E news on Australia resuming?. Bet there’s alot of disappointed loyal customers without answers or information

Cheers Stacy

I’m very sorry about the situation but it’s too early for me to give concrete answers on this issue. We are working away the backlog of open AUS orders as we speak. As soon as we know more, we will lets our AUS customers know.

@Ozghost You should have received an email including your payment instructions, please let me know if you need help with that. Feel free to send me a PM if needed. :slight_smile: