Web & worms any help

Anyone give us an idea of what this can be. Web on some leaves with theses little worms… No sign of spider mites.

Cankerworm.tent caterpillar ?
Leaf roller ? Not sure they look alike
It will prob just munch and become a moth …

Can you treat with diatomaceous earth? Maybe that will cut/dehydrate them?

Are there a bunch of worms actually in the webs?

If worms are crawling throughout the webs, you got “webworms”. They make web structures, then colonize the web and devour everything within and around the web. I’m not saying this is what you have, but if so, the only option is to discard ruined plant parts. We used to go every summer and cut giant branches off pecan trees that were full of them and had to make giant burn piles.

Spray with Permethrin SFR it is organic made from Chrisanthomin (spelling) oil and will kill everything and not hurt the plant.

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Thank you all for the answers! we believe we have a leaf roller because that is exactly what they are doing. and there is not alot of them. they are only about 1\2 in big and we have seen some very small moths around, no bigger than an inch. Thanks again for all your answers.