Web on the leafs and weak growing


Weak growth likely because the lights just are not powerful enough. Bugs are a different issue.


Spider mites. I wiped my leaves with soapy water to get rid of them. There are some products out there, Green Cleaner being one that can be used if necessary. I try to use the least invasive choice first. It worked for me.

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Thanks for the replay mate, you may right on that , was 400 w ,upgraded to 800 w ( 18 h/6h) , 2 weeks ago.

#shinding153 cheers mate ,well i just sprayed with winegar&water mix:))if dosent work i ll use green cleaner mate cheers.

What is the actual wattage from the wall. Even a cheap “800W” may not be enough since most of those burple China led’s are being sold with deceitful advertising and are just junk.

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Careful with vinegar. It is very acidic and can burn your leaves.

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Got 2 400w ballasts for each tunnel (bulbs 400w) Hps, …
I ll be carefull on winegar too,well fisrt time sprayed today.

Are you trying to flower? Or are you vegging with an hps?

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Ohh! Sorry bulbs are
)) MH not hps

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@ThcinKC can shed some light on how to solve a bug problem. There’s a neem oil spray for plants he recommended for me.

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Why does it not look bright in the grow room? How old are the bulbs?

I agree with @WickedAle those plants need, (or needed) more light in the proper spectrum. That’s why they’re so spindly.

Have you looked closely at both sides of the leaves, stem junctures, and basically the whole plant with a 30x-60x scope/loupe?

Usually when you see webs with spider mites they’re fairly visible.

It’s also possible it was just a spider, but that first pic looks pretty incriminating.


Thanks for replay mate ,There are 2 MH 400w bulbs there total 800w ,probably my phone s camera is not efficient .Dont really know how old the bulbs ,got them from a friend ,and got
to get a scope i suppose:))

Those bulbs should have that area light up like a Christmas tree they are at the end of their lives or completely wrong spectrum or your ballasts are turned down


Well mate growing first time… bulbs are second hand for sure, i ll get a new ones soon, the picrures i took before they were darker not because of the bulbs ,but my phone camera .I took those in different camera lightning degree…
What do you think ,still bulbs? Not good enough? Ballasts are looks working they are hot.

I agree, light intensity issue. Get some fresh mh bulbs and keep them a little closer like they appear now.

Your in veg here is what my tent looks like im running 6000k or 6500k bulbs for veg
I’m using 6500k mh right now you will have a blue tent to the light . Also because we use mh/hps get a lux meter they are 18 dollars and you can be very accurate in setting the height of the light’s


6500 k wowww:)) they look pretty though.:v:

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Thanks for the advises ,no more web on plants, change the bulbs too, does it look better? 2months now…would have been better i suppose.