Weaker genetics in clones

Hello hope everybody is doing well and having fun growing cannabis:-) so I’ve come acrossed a genetics question. The question is if I have a plant and take a clone from it and then flower the mother plant and grow that clone and then take a clone from that clone flower the first clone grow the new clone big enough to take a clone from that one and repeat process does the genetics get weaker the more clones from clones I take? I personally think yes. But I don’t know a lot about genetics and everything I’ve read it’s got me stuck right in the middle. A lot of yes a lot of no. So I thought I would bring this question to all of you happy Growers and see how many more yes or no’s I can get:-) thank you in advance for everybody’s feedback

I’ve cloned from a clone 4 different times. I noticed the vigor slows down a bit. Environmental conditions varied so much between cycles I have no way to verify it was environmental issues between clone grows.


In my experience…clones are smaller than a seed plant…

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Cutting a clone does not alter the genetics. Genetics is a reproductive process of breeding. What you’re looking at would be 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation, ect.

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I’ve got a mystery strain that I want to keep around. I run a continuous grow so I’m trying to figure out if I just need to keep a mother plant or just keep taking clones. I’m on clone 3 now. I just didn’t want it to get weaker as time goes on. Thank you very much for everybody feedback.