Weak blooms on one of my 3 Gold Leaf Plants

I am on day 28 of bloom of my 3 Gold Leaf plants. 2 of my plants look great but one seems like it is struggling to bloom. I’m feeding them equally so I don’t really understand what might be happening.

The first photo is one of my healthy blooms. The second one is the weak one.

Good morning
Plants will do that is normal they start and stop at same or different times even if same strain… The slow one will catch up or just finish after the other two just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll love the end result
Question how are you liking the grow so far I want to order seeds and the Gold Leaf is top of my list

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Thanks for the quick response!

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What is your lighting and grow space size they look great can’t see any burnt tips your really taking great care of them girls

I get up every morning drink coffee and read everyone’s posts then off to work lol

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Oh and take care of my girls too haha

I’m growing some S S Haze and one of them is the same way. My first crop I had one long lanky East Coast Deisal that did that, took longer but gave me the most weight of all the others.

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Nice healthy looking plants. I can’t wait to get some Gold Leaf seed.

I have them in a 7’ x 3’ x 3’ gorilla tent. The were under a 300w led but about a week ago I upgraded that light to a mars 900 in hopes of boosting my bud size. I have 3 Strawberry Kush in a closet that were under cfl’s and they ended up getting the 300w LED. I just got a 5’ x 2’ x 3’ cheap tent to move them into which will be my drying chamber for the gold leaf as well. So my hopes are having 2 harvests about 6 weeks apart. I got my first electric bill yesterday from using lights for a full month and there was a significant jump. My central a/c died and I had a night where my gold leaf was up to a temperature of 100 F. They looked happy though, but not to push my luck, I put in a window a/c to allow them some cooler temps.

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Cool, thanks.

I need an led light for veg , bad.

That one plant’s bud size is still not increasing in size very much. Looks like the yield on that plant will be very low. I’m six weeks in and some of the pistils on all three of my GL plants are turning brown. I wasn’t expecting this to occur for another 2 to 3 weeks. I can’t see the trichomes with the jeweler’s loop I have so I ordered a microscope as I’m thinking I may be harvesting soon.

How did everything turn out?