We will need to evacuate our home for pending Hurricane. Should we leave the plants that are 2 weeks into flowering phase?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

It appears that we will need to evacuate our home for pending Hurricane…………
Should we leave the plants that are 2 weeks into flowering phase …in a totally Dark room. ……Anticipated problems?
let me know if you have any ideas


Certainly your families safety is the most important
Im assuming your going to leave lights and what not on when you leave the house and are asking incase you loose power or do you plan on doing a shut down yourself
If you have a few days of dark the plants will be fine ive lost my power during flower for several days and all was well
Extra dark period doesn’t effect them like extended light periods would

If there is a potential for flooding where you have the plants you may want to get them to higher ground second floor if possible
Nasty stuff is in flood waters just a thought

Anyway Best Wishes to you and your family
Hope all goes well and you return to little or no damage


Screw the plants! Get yourself and your family to safety, and pick up where you left off when you’re all back home safely :+1:

Edit: okay, that sounds harsh lol

What I mean is, they’ll be okay for a few days. They won’t be happy, but they’ll survive, and finish okay.

Not much you can do.
make safe as possible. take what valuables you can. protect family…that includes pets.
Stay safe…you can always plant again.

From one who ran from Hurricane Harvey this time last year…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:


I rode out Irma last year. My street has never flooded before my yard and home were knee deep and I lost power for 9 days. My point prepare for this Florence is supposed to take 2 day to cross the state and she is going to dump a lot of rain and like Countryboy said that water is nasty. Keep your family safe just don’t take this lightly

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The plants, however attached you may be, just aren’t worth it. Your life and family are far more valuable.

Getting them up higher would be a good precaution to take.

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If you have the means and a place to take them without much effort go for it but that will entale a bunch of stuff that you will likely not want to deal with like trying to keep light / dark cycles. I personally would feed them really good and sorry but let them fend for themselves. Depending on when you run your lights and dark period you could always set them by a window so they get light

Let’s think for a minute about legal problems: If you are in an illegal state, I would cut them down and bury them, unless you can move them someplace safe. It would be a double-disaster to come home to a flooded house and the deputies arrest you for weed too. They may go house-to-house looking for survivors and bust you if you have strict police.


Outside the legal aspects, your main problem will be loss of electricity (lights and ventilation) . If you leave, freeze a cup of water and set a quarter on top, then put it in your freezer. It is an easy way to know if the power did go out while you were away.

If you get back and it’s still on top of the ice, you’re golden. The further down the cup it is before it re-freezes, the longer the power was out.

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If you have mechanical timers, you can see how long the power has been out right on the timer. But the ice/quarter thing is a great idea!