We’ve come so far! 👏

After so many ups and downs with this first ever grow , I can’t believe it’s looking like we’re hitting the home stretch. She came from a random seed years old, grew indoors to begin with and then outdoors. Nearly died a couple times. Until finally she grew into this gift before me. I know she ain’t perfect , but she not a complete write off either -
One Question :raising_hand_woman:, if my pics are clear enough to tell ; how much longer until I harvest would u guys recommend…and if u am have any other advice at this point please say …,
Thank you everyone who’s helped me with advice to get me to this stage xo


3-4 she look like it’s gonna gain weight , give it time for ripping


Looking great get her lots of sun and out of the rain if possible, she will start to stack up these buds in the weeks to come.
Once most of the white hairs have turned brown you should start to check on the trichoms with a loupe, when they turned from clear to milky/cloudy your harvest window opens… The trich will turn amber the longer you let your plant go, the more amber the more physical couch look occurs, cloudy highest THC content. Clear speedy and short lasting…

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