We started germinating our White Widow Fem seeds today

We are starting our first grow today. We got our White Widow seeds from ILGM and we are happy with the quick shipping. (8 days)
Our Plan: Outdoor
Issue: We live in California in an area that gets hot. It is not unusual to have temps over 100 degrees Fahrenheit for a week of more at a time during summer. Is this going to be a problem for us? Is there a solution that anyone recommends?

Current status: We have the seeds in a dish between moist towels (we did this 30 minutes ago). Everything I have read says to keep them warm but what temperature is considered warm? We keep our house around 68 F, is this warm enough?

I’m not sure about your climate q’s but I just finished germinating three seeds at 73 degrees. Hope this helps. One day I will know what your talking about when it comes to Cali climate but unfortunately I haven’t been there yet!!!

The seedling mat i have says it’ll keep a temp range from 70-85. And that’s what I put my plates on. As far as heat. Can you provide shade for it during the hottest point in the day. Other than that, keep her hydrated. Hot days with no rain will dry the ground quickly

Thanks guys, After I posted this I managed to navigate my way to the germination guide. I put the plate on a heating pad on low. The temp now seems right and I feel more confident about it.
As far as the Summer weather… We are planning to use 20 gallon nursery pots. There is no shade available but we are looking at ways to create some if needed.

@SpottedFrog…you might want to check to see if out doors growing is allowed in your city/county. I live in Cali and for my city/county it says if neighbors climb on a ladder and can see your grow or a plane can see your grow, it is considered an illegal grow…and a lot of other nonsense. Like only six mature plants …if you have a medical card then it’s different. Better safe than sorry

Wow… Thank you. I’ll check

Yeah build a little canopy

I don’t know if canopy would work because neighbor on ladder could still see it…also when they start smelling good…that’s bad…google it there is a lot of info on cali’s cock eyed grow laws…like in my county no commercial cannabis business period…you can apply and pay sky high fees but when not approved you don’t get your fees back and you get put on their active watch list.
Also a pot delivery person can not pass through my county legally…the surrounding counties it’s different…take Fresno county/city commercial cannibals business is allowed but get raided 2 or 3 times a year

I have seen people slap together a green house to help conceal them. I believe it was made from salvaged Windows , cost them about nothing.

Well… yeah goofy laws. I’m just going to be aware of the California statute that says I can have six plants. Thanks for the heads up… That took a little over 24 hours… we are moving on. Got some seeding soil, did a few tests to ensure we wouldn’t burn them and we are off and running. Thank you guys for all the looking out. Due to the layout of streets and some groovy topology, I think our situation is unique. Nothing can stop a bird but until we install a greenhouse (round 2) we are gonna work with what we have. As far as security… I have some keenly aware canine patrols that always know what’s up.
Here we are…

Hello Guys…
We are moving along here. One of the plants took a while to drop the husk and I ended up forcing the issue. I’ll post a pic of them here. The one that held the husk has dried up it’s first set of leaves (not the cotyledon) It does have a second set growing in but it is struggling behind the others. At this time we just hope it makes it. Sorry I know the pic isn’t great.

BTW: can someone make this into a journal? I’m not sure how.

Help. I have a problem with one of our starts. Can someone please tell me what this is? I would really appreciate it.

These are our little plants to date. The one who had a slow start is coming along alright now.
All seem well enough except the one that seems to have a pest. (trying to figure that out.)

We scored some antique windows. We did decide to build a green house. It is going to be nice.

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Cool can’t wait to see how it turns out.

All the windows are the same dimension. 34" x 34"… It will practically build itself. :rofl:

That is awesome so a few bucks in a frame and that’s it, and you can’t beat an investment of practically nothing.

Yeah… and honestly the finished product will be much nicer aesthetically than something built from brand new materials.

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This is how far we have come. We have had our learning along the way. But, this is really fun.