We May Need Help On Weekends

I have notice that there is nobody here on weekends.
If an issue were to come up and this issue were to worsen, need I say more?
What’s a person to do? Wait till Monday or even Tuesday for help. That could be deadly for someone’s plant or plants.
I personally value Stoner and Latewoods knowledge and would like to see them check in just to see if anyone has a serious situation.
I am in no way complaining, and I want to be clear on that!!


I do check in on the weekends and often do answer questions on the weekends.

However, I’m not paid like I’m on call and do not act like it.

I often am living life and out doing my own thing on the weekends, playing paintball and such, and I might not have access to wi-fi or a computer.

So… sorry, don’t hold your breath, lol.

Happy growing and living!


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Yes I know-how it works with you and Laterood with ILGM you both have spoken about it in another thread. Maybe I should have put it differently, that Robert should get someone as good as you two to be here on weekends.


Sorry. I take offense to your overall statement and appraisal of the matter. I am always checking in on the weekends. I work here 7 days a week almost without taking days off to support growers. :frowning:

Remember; All the support here is FREE!

Now; In this case; This weekend, and If you do not mind; I am gong to enjoy the rest my 4th of July weekend. See you Monday. Peace

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I nominate garrigan62 for the weekend guy. All in favor say AYE.

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They are the only or one of the only sites that even bother to contact people…my experience with most sites is no response at all.Ir may take up to 3-5 dayz but ILGM will be in touch with you concerning any questions … My hats off to Robert an Clair an the staff at ILGM.,couldn’t ask for better customer service or advice if not a customer,
Happy Growing

Well I didn’t want or mean to offend anyone specially you and Stoner!
The last thing I don’t want is to make enemies with you both.
Now that I opened up a can of worms I suppose I can’t blame you both if you pass up my topics or posts.
I hope you both had a great 4th.
I’m going back to the lounge where I hope I still have friends lol

Be Safe

It’s all good brother. Keep it real. Peace :slight_smile:

Thank you Lakewood…I will

Be Safe

Nah, I don’t think anybody will ignore your posts man, it’s all good.

happy growing and living,


Thank you also Stoner.

By the way. I lost thoughts plants. Go take a look, you will be shocked at what you see…


I saw the thing you posted that said it was surprisingly super low/acidic pH.

Organic soils will slowly continue to slowly acidify if they don’t have enough pH stabilizing minerals like garden lime. Sand and perlite helps stabilize pH a little.

Some nutrient mixes and soil mixes are actually counting on you watering with hard tap water, which will supply lots of “lime scale” minerals and potentially stabilize the organic acidifying process. However as you’ve also noticed in the forum, it can go the other way too and tap water can be supplying overly alkalinity to the soil or reservoir when using hard tap water.

Sometimes it feels like you just can’t win, lol.

This is why it is important to have those pH and EC/TDS/PPM testers and the knowledge of the various techniques to monitor what is happening in your soil or reservoir or even the root zone. Like measuring the run-off throughout the growing process, especially during flowering, as flowering itself, because of the way the ion uptake/exchange occurs at the root zone when the plant is happily taking up tons of nutrients during bloom and trying to create dense nuggets, will create an acidifying situation.

Hope this info helps,



I mixed some lime, magnesium Sulfate yesterday and gave the others low dose. So far so good, we’ll see how it goes in a couple of days.
What do you think, will the leaves that turned yellowish green return to green or will they just fall off?
I also Put in the mix some Ironite.

Be Safe

Hi will if you have any problems let me know and I will try to help you

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Well Zooman…thank you very much. And I just may take you up on that one day here. I appreciate your offer very much::smiley:

B Safe