We have set the date for mid April to grow one of your strains called LSD (fem)

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

We have set the date for mid April to grow one of your strains called LSD (fem) so first of my question is, is this strain suitable for Aegean climate? We are planing to growing on our balcony so it has to be short but it can be very wide no problem there. Sativa domination is a must. Also says that LSD (fem) is easy to grow. So far we think we picked the right strain. What do you guys think?
Second of all, we would like to know, what kind of fertilizer and nutrition sets would you recommend to get the most potential out of this strain?
We would like to buy the whole package from you guys to try and if success than next winters indoor growing needs will be shopped from your company.
I bleave you have alot of brilliant ideas about how to ship these to Turkey :grin: several years ago I used another company and they shocked me with their brilliant idea.
Long story short, we will only make quality soil and the rest we will get from you so please get us a good deal and as much information as possible.
Thank you for your time

I haven’t grown LSD yet but have heard nice reviews as for plant height Sativa dominant strains tend to grow tall they can however be trained to grow side ways.

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