We got an Inadvertent clone from a random seed


Don’t see a lot of amber for my personal preference I might wait a few more days . This helped me a lot


great visual for us @Oldstoner thank you!
i have one i’m shooting for 75/25-60/40 amber… i’m wanting some zombie weed! lol


Wow, thanks, that’s a great visual.


Well Bunny and Mike

It’s been a long road and you have made it this far now th where the fun begins…lol

Can you really hang in there for 4 or 5 more weeks…lol



We’re thinking tomorrow may be her day. I gave her a big flush today, I can repeat that tomorrow in case she’s not quite ready…

We can wait… last time we waited a whole week before I started trying all kinds of things from her buds to smoke :rofl:


i know you can… i was just kidding with ya …I look foward to your next grow



I would still wait if possible. I only say that because the hairs still look pretty long. As they swell, the hairs will appear shorter. That’s just my input.

Even if you can’t wait, they look good enough to do the job…


There aren’t enough orange hairs yet we think, either, so now we are just watching to see when. The tiny budlets are swelling, it’s very cool to watch.

They swell more daily

The fan leaves are dying away.

The new “top” created by LST.


This is what we found when we brought her in last night. She ate the smallest bud looking for nitrogen. I didn’t realize she’d be in flower this long, so she hasn’t been fed for six weeks.

She has fat resin glands

So we harvested her.

Just before the cutting.

Just a sampling of our buds. We’ve got 20 ounces of wet, trimmed bud, and two ounces of budder making. (The dried up dead bud is in the budder makins.)

A medium size bud, trimmed and ready to hang.


She dried well for two weeks, then we bottled her for curing in wide mouth quart jars, this time with no boveda, just burping. She’s sweet, possibly from the glucose feedings. The LST got us an ounce and a half of good smokable bud. It’s now November, and she’s almost all smoked, but her clone lives on in my next thread.