We got an Inadvertent clone from a random seed


We are at the temperatures I was foreseeing when I originally joined this forum. I’ve learned tons, and gained some confidence in my grow skills.
Yesterday was 118.6 (48C), today is predicted to be 121 or 122 (50*C), so I’ve been watching her like a hawk. I move her every so often so that her top points directly at the sun as it moves across the sky while she is out (she’s on 12-12), so I check her weight then. So far daily waterings have been working. Nice to have a sativa.

Currently 117, but it feels like only 114 (45.5*C):sweat_smile:. We drink a lot of water.


Her morning tilt towards the sun.

Budlets topping one of the larger branches that have become tops.

More yellowing each day. We harvest the leaves that fall, or almost fall, for budder later on. All the trim goes in the same jar, as will the plant remains.

Pretty tops


She’s coming right along. Wouldn’t have ever thought about tipping her over to expose her tops​:+1::ok_hand:


This is her afternoon spot, tilted towards the sunset. A bit blurry because I didn’t want to spend too much time in the heat, but you can clearly see the “shade” side of the plant has light hitting it.


Hey bud!

Still budding out…

You can see her tilt towards the sun.


The multiple top buds.

A single branch.

Getting her morning sun.

You can start to see the latticework of sticks, twine, and wire that I used to keep her tied down. There is basically a stick under each branch to hold it down, and wire to hold the sticks in the pot (she’d pull them out overnight). The two larger sticks hold the top down, and on the other side hold the stalk away so the LST tie down was moving the entire stalk.


Pretty flowers, lots of trichomes. Maybe a week out… were so excited, our baby is gonna be pot!

Overall health seems to be on par with Alice, still looking good.

The top is filling out nicely.


Lots of pretty hairs

A “small” bud for the daily bud photo.

What I’m up against heat-wise. Over 95*F (35 C) before 8 AM.

Ok, so more bud.

Good sun to all, and to all a good yield.


Frosty bud

Many bud branches. All with nice big buds.

The fan leaves are almost gone. We may not have to do much at harvest if she keeps losing leaves like this.


Another heyday of sun. You can see daughter, Lucy, in the background.

Pretty buds. They don’t seem as “fat” as some I’ve seen. Strain, or conditions, or just an artificially short shortened life cycle?

These pics are all bud, even though sometimes it’s hard to see.

Frost on the larger leaves, even.

Many heads.


Mary is eating her leaves at an amazing rate.

Hello bud!


We are getting close to the “time-to-harvest” decision. She’s looking quite amber on some hairs, but white on others. @Majiktoker @Oldstoner @FloridaSon @garrigan62 @ktreez420 @kabongster @Countryboyjvd1971 @Nug-bug

Nice tall buds.

Almost no big fan leaves left; they’ve all gone into a jar for budder later on.


If it was me I’d let them go a while longer @Bunny-mike they look like they will pack on more wieght yet imo


I agree with @Countryboyjvd1971 I would let them go longer


I also agree. You’ll be amazed at how plump each calyx will get. Many will get thick enough to make you think they have seeds in them. That lets you know the oils are really building.

I often wait two weeks after they look good enough to harvest. It’s hard to do when you are low on smoke, but worth the wait in the end.

Keep on keeping on…


Bunny and I are of the same opinion, we wanted verification. We think we may have harvested too early last time, so want to wait, but not into the sleep medication stage.

Fattening up nicely.


Mary’s buds are fattening up. I like how she’s growing “out”, how soon to harvest? She’s almost a week past her mother’s harvest time.

Almost no fan leaves left, she’s eating herself down to the bone.

She’s only getting the recipe that Will @garrigan62 suggested; peroxide in every watering, Epsom salts and bone meal on Sundays, molasses and honey twice a week.


She’s looking good, almost ready for harvest. We are thinking tomorrow?

Just buds left, almost no leaves at all. I flushed her this morning in anticipation of tomorrow’s harvest. What say the gurus, is she ready?

@Nug-bug @Majiktoker @BIGE @Oldstoner @Countryboyjvd1971 @FloridaSon @garrigan62 @Donaldj


if the trichs are the way you want,get to chopping!!
there are plenty of trichs to look at!! that stuff looks sticky @Bunny-mike…lol


My opinion watch the trichomes 50/50 amber and cloudy is usually the best medical effect