We got an Inadvertent clone from a random seed


A little pruning and tying, every time it seems to make a growth spurt.

Opened up inside, the ring of buds on the outside gets plenty of light.

Kind of a Christmas tree when I tied her, the sides are shooting up. We’ve discussed turning the biggest branch’s stalk down like we did the main stalk, but it seems that all it would do at this point is reduce light to other branches.

Low Stress Training doesn’t apply to the grower, lol. These beautiful flowers were in the shade. Now they’ll be budder.


While checking the ties tonight, I managed to break a branch. Just a bit, it’s still hooked on, but there’s a huge crack between the branch and the stalk. What to do? Leave it be? It’s supporting itself, inside the mass of flowers…

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Where is the branch located


Near the top, about 2/3 way up the stalk.


Id leave it and see what happens if it does nothing than cut it off


The branch’s budlets still look good this morning. There’s now one branch that no longer needs to be tied down for maximum sunlight. It broke with an audible crack, scary. We’ll see. Thanks @Majiktoker


Jane is still alive!

Spindly thing.

Are those trichomes on the leaves (when you zoom in)?

Mary is doing very well, almost two weeks into 12-12, despite the broken branch. We expect harvest around the beginning of July. Three more weeks!

Lots of direct sun on the budlets. There are more large budlets with this LST and supercropping method than leaving her be, and so quickly.

She’s a big ball of THC factory.


Seeing that picture id honestly just remove the broken branch the plant may be better off


Thanks, that branch is a new clone now. I know she’s way into flower, but why not try?


My opinion thats the easiest time to get clones to root


Jane is still hanging in there. We’re letting her soil dry for a few days, she’s got way more soil (thus moisture) than she needs. Then a flush with RO, and back to a schedule.

Mary, on the other hand, is doing beautifully.

Her “top”, the original cola/crest is down to the right. There are half dozen new “tops” pushing up to the sun

Aerial view of “tops”. Lots of budlets becoming full size buds.

Each cola seems to have a large budlet set forming, they look like the original mother plant top cola, the one that yielded the best.


Going back to your desire for seeds, colloidal silver can reach that goal. It’s a better method than hoping for a hermie, which would carry that trait.


We’re trying to see the loss of the plant in the best light. She also could recover quickly, and has plenty of soil to expand in if she does. I didn’t know that the seeds we might get from a hermie could be hermie themselves. So far, she has yielded 26 grams of budder fodder. We’re just going to see what happens, see if we can get anything more out of her.



Surprisingly, Jane is still hanging in there.

She’s still quite heavy, so she won’t be getting watered for a while.

The end of the original stalk is dying down, fully expected.

And then there’s Mary. Here you can see a closeup of what the LST and monster cropping looks like. You can see the branch sticking out horizontally, where it’s natural state would have it at about a 45. Pulling it down opens it up to get more light, and the original top buds start reaching for the sky, changing direction to straight up.

She’s getting fatter all the time.


Jane passed away yesterday, probably the heat combined with the stress of whatever we did wrong did her in. Her stalk will now become budder, and then brownies. Best we can do with her.

And then there’s Mary, with 12" buds and lots of strong branches with nice buds, and Mary’s daughters Lucy and Skye, who are on another thread. (Beatles fans will get the reference). Her tendrils are slowly turning orange, so we’ve probably got two weeks to harvest. That’ll be four months since cutting, on a soil clone, and she’s one of four that I started with.

Just one of the mid sized buds.

This isn’t the plant I’m measuring here, it’s the bud. This is the largest of the buds, at least for now.

Another small budlet branch.

And as you can see here, she’s got lots of those budlet branches.


Lots of nice budlets. There have developed four arms, branches, that have started to become “tops”, one per quadrant, with several smaller branches in between.

She a very fat plant, what with her height limited by the LST, so those branches pushed out a lot.

Camouflage at its best. Left to right is Jane’s pot, cactus garden, poblano peppers, aloe, Mary, and three nice tomatoes.


Another day of over 110 predicted, and she’s soaking up the sun like crazy, using several gallons of water a day. I’ve been using @garrigan62 Will’s flower formulas, peroxide in each watering, honey and molasses twice a week, Epsom salts and bone meal weekly, and doing that exclusively. No spraying of anything.

Her original top, now a field of budlets.

A flower that would have been a tiny budlet in the top crest, now is a nice sized flower on its own.

Pretty budlets. Four colas where there were none.

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She looks good


Jane, with a few budlets trimmed from Mary, yielded 32 grams, which we pulverized in a coffee grinder and cooked into budder, then brownies. We used the Leafly recipe from its brownie recipe shootout, it came from the Cannabist, and is delicious, with almost NO herbal taste, and I’ve got a ton a lot of energy. The garage hasn’t been that clean in months.

The recipe is on a link to a website, so you’ll have to search on your own, but trust me, they are good. We deleted the white chocolate because we didn’t have any and added Reese’s chips as well as semisweet chocolate chips on top, and used almonds instead of hazelnuts for the nuts.


Mary has a nice set of budlets that are quickly becoming full sized buds.
Getting a bit of orange to the hairs, she’s a little over a week out from harvest.

Last grow we freaked out about the yellowing of the leaves, this grow we are collecting them as they fall for budder.

Lots of lovely branches with buds on top