We got an Inadvertent clone from a random seed



How much vinegar did you use?? You need to check the pH of the soil immediately!

The leaves that are dry are done. Trim those off and we’ll hope for the branches to form from those sites. I think you may be able to encourage that growth by trimming the apex of each branch.

To get a proper soil pH will take 24hrs, so get that reading for @garrigan62 and @Majiktoker and see what they say.

This sucks, Brother…


My guess was way to much vinegar it fried her roots


Wow I’m not sure what to say
@Majiktoker may have a good point ? She looks like she’s dieing sorry to say


WoW! @Bunny-mike sorry to see that!!


Well first off I certainly wouldn’t use vinegar to flush plants, its extremely acidic which likely is what happened and as a result fried the roots


I’m with you there @Majiktoker
I ph up and down it just easier to know your using something designed to do what you want ?


Agreed 100% with you there bro with home remedies there is always room for disaster


I’m sorry, I guess I wasn’t clear. The plant went limp in a matter of an hour or so after watering and tying. The sun is blazing, but she lives in it everyday and that was nowhere near the hottest she’s seen, it was only 102 or so. All she was “fed” that day was water at her regular watering. I then tied down some more branches (I’d done the top the day before) and put her next to Mary, who gets the same treatment, except she’s on 12-12.

One thing that we did change was water. I’ve been using RO from the sink, but we aren’t getting enough water for both plants, so I started using (hard) tap water left out uncovered overnight to allow the chlorine to outgas. She got part RO and part outgassed tap.

After she went limp, checked her pH, which was half a needle above 7, so I mixed a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a quart of water and spread it around the edge of the pot, followed by a gallon or so of water. I did this with her mother plant when she had a pH problem, and that was a successful grow. When that didn’t work I untied her branches, all of them, but due to the wilting there was no strain at all on the twine.

This morning I did the vinegar and water thing again, no change. One branch is alive, so we put her in the sun to see what happens.

We’re trying to make the best of it, we found a great brownie recipe on leafly, and we love them, so we can use her, just not the way we want.

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Omg no! There’s your problem![quote=“Bunny-mike, post:88, topic:9748”]
After she went limp, checked her pH, which was half a needle above 7,

You’re using a soil probe to test your pH, and they are notorious for being extremely inaccurate! I for one used to have 3, and all of them were liars! They sucked, and the only thing they are good at is telling you how wet the soil is.

You need a pH meter immediately and check the runoff.



Ding ding ding I think we have a winner @ktreez420
I have one as well I wouldn’t trust it for ph at all
I think you nailed it brother


@ktreez420 gave good advise

And to add it may over all be a severe ph problem which only thing I think that could cause that dramatic of a problem that quick is ph and root rot.

What color is her runoff


Her roots looked great when we transplanted her two days ago. Maybe I screwed it up somehow.

Her runoff is brown, we’ve been flushing her since I read the post about her runoff color, and it’s still brown. Bunny says it smells like a barnyard, really strong. We put fresh new Miracle Gro in the new pot so we hoped to not have something like this happen. No experiments with nutrients here.

We’ll keep flushing, give her until tomorrow or she’s going to be brownies I’m afraid. How long can we wait before the small amount of THC she has begins to degrade?

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This is a major toxic build up all you need is PhD water and miracle grow could be a hot bag you got which fried her roots over couple days time. And until that run off comes out clear shell continue to worsen

Considering how fast she went down hill pretty quick id be assuming


Not really sure whats up here but M G is full of nutrients and you’ll be flushing for ever!
Why waste time i would just per-heat the oven for the brownies



I understand trying to use what you have, but did you try to cut everything off except for the live branch?

If you want to try to save the one branch, you could prune above and below the soil and place her in fresh soil.

It will eliminate the damaged roots and only need to support one branch. If you decide to try it, add only something like superthrive to the water.

I also feel the probe meters will only cause problems. I’ve never had a good experience with any that I’ve tried. Granted, they were all cheap probes, but…

Sometimes nothing we do will save a plant from such extremes. At least you still have a way of getting some use out of her. I’m a bit hard headed, but I try to save anything that I can. I’d prune and repot in the attempt to save the one branch.

When I use vinegar for pH adjustment I only do 10 drops at a time. Get out your dropper next time.

At least you still have Mary…


The first picture is Jane’s single live branch. She has had many many flushes, and what I left behind would have very little significance in terms of providing THC for the brownies. She costs nothing, either, just water.

One funny thing, we were trying to figure out how to get seeds from our plants, since obviously they are all female. If Jane doesn’t go hermie after this then nothing would turn her.

I’d love to have a nicer meter, but we had to think hard about spending ten bucks for a pot for Jane. Thus I have to do a lot of poking and hoping, use and reuse what I have, making my own Calphos, compost tea, bloom booster (think tons of pumpkin flowers). But it adds to the challenge and fun.

After trimming. The leaves were falling of, so I took all that might make budder.

You may note that the main stalk remains; it had possibly viable leaves.

How she looked first thing this morning. Not a pretty sight.

Mary,on the other hand, is reacting quite nicely to pruning, LST and super cropping. Hard to see in the photos, but the “top” of the plant is six inches below the field of colas.

The new top. Four colas to replace one. Not bad :grinning:

One of the main side branches. You can see how she’s putting out much more budlet than her mother, who had no training.

The wider spread of the lower branches makes her wide, but covered with tasty budlets.

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Mary looks happy and healthy @Bunny-mike


Thanks, I was down for a bit over the loss of Jane. That tie down trick works amazing, as does pruning. I’ve been scared until now, but this forum really helps.

That said, I started a new thread for Mary’s daughter, now a week old, called Second Generation something…


Day two of the stripped down version of Jane. If she lives, she’ll probably be hermie, so we might get some seeds! We had to go out this morning, we might clean out her pot and repot her. She yielded 26 grams of material for our next batch of budder. Only a few more prunings of Mary and we’ll have our ounce for the recipe.

Mary, on the other hand, is fleshing out quite nicely.

Budlet shot. There are tons of these, long budlets, all over the plant.

One top cola became many.

Top flowers :grinning:


Jane is still alive, and has grown a bit. The main stalk died off, so we are down to the single branch I initially thought might be viable. Since the disaster she’s been flushed at least twice daily, often a dozen times. We flushed again last night, now we’ll try letting her soil and roots dry out to a normal level to see what happens. She smells like dead mouse when flushed during the evening, but smells fine in the morning.

Rather forlorn, like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Mary, on the other hand, seems to be thriving. She got @garrigan62 Will’s honey/molasses this morning, along with peroxide and Epsom salts. Water consumption is increasing.

The “top” of the plant, or what used to be the main cola. It’s now about 6" below the actual highest point in the plant.

She’s bushing out nicely. I tie down the lower branches to the edge of the pot, so now the bigger main branches, tied away from the main stalk, turned up and one is now the same height as the main stalk, with the others catching up quickly.


Top left branch is almost as high as the main, the far right branch is catching up