We got an Inadvertent clone from a random seed


They both live outside now, full time. It was almost 100 today and are still perky.

Here’s Mary

And Jane


They got fed and watered yesterday, no shock indications like last time, so that’s very good. Once again, 1/4 tsp of Miracle Gro’s “Natures Care” in a quart of RO water, but this time, I split it unevenly, so Mary got a lot more than Jane.

Mary is really doing well, we may transplant her today. We are also thinking of putting her back under the lights at night, more growth, faster harvest, etc. My body parts become the issue, a shoulder that needs surgery, a back that will never be 20 again…

Jane is doing well as well, just a little behind in growth. With any luck, she’ll delay flower until after Mary, so we can deal with one at a time.


Wow, didn’t realize how long it had been. Passing kidney stones will do that to you…

They have been getting Miracle Gro natural all purpose fertilizer twice a week, as well as Calphos sprays every few days.

Here’s Mary today at 9 weeks from cutting. She was cut at 7 weeks from her mother, which was from seed. She has some of the tiny pistils coming out, so we are happy about that.

She’s gotten some height.

Jane is behind, but still coming along. Both cuttings were from the same plant the same day. Mary came from the top, Jane came from a bottom branch, just before we went 12-12 with Alice. Both got too much fertilizer and had to be flushed, but Mary perked up way faster than Jane.

She’s getting close to transplant, we still don’t have a plan for that. Mary is in Alice’s old pot, the biggest one we have, but we don’t have a big, but portable, pot for Jane.

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Looks great! You did an amazing job here!



Looking good and doing well with the mg nutes :+1:


Thanks guys. Update on the girls, mostly Mary. We decided to prune her like the articles say to. She is very much into veg, and this should hopefully opnen her up like so many others have reported.

After her haircut. The branches, preflowers, and leaves are going into the crock pot after they dry to make some more budder. I’ve been sleeping like a baby eating quarter to half a cookie before bed, so we’ll try this too.

Very scary, though…

Yesterday morning, pre-haircut. She got fed and watered the day before the pruning.

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Looks awesome dude, keep up the good work!



Mary a couple days after pruning.

Jane is doing much better. We pruned her today, were now drying the trimmed leaves for another batch of budder.


A little pruning update. Trimmed a couple lower branches and some of the no sun leaves two days ago.

Jane yesterday

Jane today

So the pruning works.

Mary today

Mary yesterday.

They are both showing pistils, what kind of flowering should I expect? That’s if we don’t put her into 12-12 (Mary first).


Wow look at her go nice job @Bunny-mike


With proper pruning, you can expect tight node spacing and dense limbs full of tastiness!


Jane finally got transplanted this morning. Her pot before.


She’s already over the sides of her new pot.

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Looking great! I’m sure she’s happy as hell with the new room to spread those toes!



Looking good. The two of you are doing great! Looks like y’all have had some low humidity. Seems like the aloe is working fine for you. :wink:


Jane did well on her transplant, so we started her LST this morning, tying down her top at a ninety degree angle.

I just tied down the very top, the part that would bend easily without seeming to damage anything. (Besides my knots in the top bud)

Looks scary

A fairly nice knot, avoiding the major bud spots

It sure opens up some light for those lower branches.

Mary also got LST tie down. She was getting so tall that she was becoming unmanageable. She’s been on 12-12 for four days now, and there are a bunch of little budlets forming.

Ninety degrees…

Opened up light to a bunch of branches.

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great photos, healthy looking plants, they are loving what you as doing!

Thanks for the updates :blush:


Looks great! But here’s a little trick you can try, or not, it’s all up to you!

To get more of your main branch (cola) to bend, simply squeeze the stalk with your two fingers, making the plant more pliable and willing to bend more. You’ll lol want to do this up and down the stalk, feeling how much pressure to apply as you do it, you’ll be able to actually feel the plant “popping” inside. It’s technically “super cropping”, but it will help tons when applied with LST which is what you’re doing by tying her down like this! I love to LST and have experimented pretty heavily with the plants and how much they can take. I successfully grew a plant into a circle when I first started.



I tied both plants’ branches down, a few hours later Jane was looking peaked.

One live branch.

This happened right after I tied down the branches, but I didn’t do anything drastic to them, just before I tie d them down to provide more light. I’ve flushed twice, added vinegar and water, took her out of the blazing sun, and this is how she looks this morning. It almost looks like she’s dead, except for the one branch.

So, do we let her ride? Do we harvest her for budder? The dead leaves are dry.


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That’s Jane? The plant you transplanted a few days ago, looked so good a few days ago?

she looks scary now…how “blazing” was the sun?


She’s wilting, but I’m not sure why. My first guess would be she’s thirsty, but you said you flushed her twice, so she can’t be thirsty!

Have you given vinegar before?