We got an Inadvertent clone from a random seed


They seem to be happy in their new homes. They went on the same program as their mother, they will be getting a rotating cornucopia of fertilizers, so today was urine, mixed 10:1 sprayed on the leaves and soil, then the remainder was poured around the circumference of the pots, splitting the amount they got, then they got watered in.

How are these leaves looking? @garrigan62 @Oldstoner @FloridaSon. @Countryboyjvd1971 @kabongster


It looks like you’re having issues at the tips of the new growth. Without a support ticket we won’t have enough current info for diagnosis.

I understand urine has nitrogen, but how much? I’m not sure how to even find out. After you dilute it, what is the PPM? Even then, what does that reading consist of regarding the composition?

The tips make me think nutrient burn, but I just don’t know. Perhaps @MacGyverStoner would be the one for this, being our resident science officer. :wink:

Composition of nutrients are why I purchased Foxfarms…


True, we don’t know how much of what is in the urine. I’m using a recipe that simply cuts the raw urge with ten parts water. I know it has some micronutrients, but N is the biggest part. This feeding this morning was the first in almost two weeks. I’ve been doing water only since I did the flush, then now that they’ve been transplanted for a couple days, I finally added some fertilizer.

I’ll check out th support ticket thing, thanks!


@FloridaSon @Oldstoner @garrigan62 @Countryboyjvd1971 @kabongster Support ticket:

Answer these simple questions the best you can.
If you do not know, or do not use something; Just say so = NA

Strain: unknown sativa, IDed as such on this forum.

Type: clones week seven from mother plant grown from seed found when cleaning MMJ. Now four weeks old on their own, transplanted into these pots four days ago

Soil in pots made up of both new and used Miracle Gro potting soil, local dirt, coffee grounds, alluvial silt, green manure, shredded aloe fronds, and compost

System type? Don’t know what this means. They are in 8" nursery pots, I hand water and feed, and transport them daily from the indoor grow light setup to the Arizona sun and back.

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 6.75 in soil, 6.9 in runoff

What is strength of nutrient mix? Rotating applications of urine and aloe very dilute, so I don’t know exactly what is in it. I follow the recipe I found online of 10:1 for urine, 20:1 for aloe, both mixed with RO. I process the aloe myself from plants in my yard. The mother plant did very well on a similar rotation. We’ve been doing this as cheaply as possible, most everything is homemade or taken from another project, i.e. succulent food is 0.1-1-1, that has previously been part of the feeding rotation. Feedings were done daily until I flushed them two weeks ago. Since then they’ve gotten nothing except bone meal and a single spray of molasses mixed 1 tsp per quart.

Indoor or Outdoor: both. They go outside for daylight, then come in for the remainder of their 18-6 light cycle.

Light system, size? 110 watts, combination of CFL, 48" grow tubes, and LED makeup lights

Temps; Day: 90’s, Night 70’s

Humidity; Day: 20% Night: 20%

Ventilation system, AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,
Co2: No

Add anything else you feel would help us give you a most informed answer. Feel free to elaborate, but short, to the point questions and facts will help us help you

They seem to have nutrient burn, but I stopped feeding and flushed them out two weeks ago and they continue to have that appearance. They were originally rooted in very small plastic containers, i transplanted them this week hoping that the extra soil would allow them to grow out of it. The mother is a beast, would like to see these two follow in her footsteps.
Would vinegar help with the pH, or is it within limits and therefore ok?


Your pH is a little high, but within range. I wouldn’t add vinegar at this time. I’m still learning to diagnose problems, but I believe you need more nitrogen. And what are you using for phosphate and potassium?

I know the food for the succulents has a little, but I don’t think it’s enough. Marijuana is considered a heavy feeder. Some bone meal and clean wood ash would add the P and K.

Even with this response, I would feel more comfortable with you waiting on a mentor/moderator to speak up. Like I said, I’m still learning diagnosing problems.


Happy 420 everyone!

Bunny made a cake for us!

Here are the daily photos, they look like there is some recovery going on.

They’ve been getting bone meal, I mixed it into the bottom and top layers of soil at transplant, as well as the CalPhos.

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Woohoo nice cake bunny :rabbit: lol
Happy 420


Thank Bunny for the cake!
Happy 420!

your choice of soil and nutes is too exotic for me to diagnose…what is the run off ppm from plain waterings? just to gauge how much stuff is in the soil.


Our meter doesn’t give ppm, just high/good/low nutrients. The readout from both was toward the low. pH was 7.0 for both, up a bit from before.

I know my nutrient mix hasn’t been conventional, and in this case might have slowed growth on our clones.

We think we might know what happened. We repurpose soil, pots, water bottles, etc. There were some failed flower plants, and I mixed that in with the rest, some of that used soil still had fertilizers from the flower mix, that’s why they had too much N all of a sudden. It ain’t easy being green…

Do I treat for pH with vinegar as suggested elsewhere on various gardening forums?

@Oldstoner @garrigan62 @kabongster @Countryboyjvd1971 @FloridaSon


vinegar is a “green” pH down and good for emergencies but you will have a more stable solution if you buy a commercial product for the job.


Mary came from the top of the plant. She looks quite robust and healthy. She’s gotten several flushes, thanks Will @garrigan62

Is she in flower, or going into flower? We think we see tiny pistils showing up.
Her mother is 11.5 weeks, she’s 4.5 weeks since cutting.

Jane isn’t doing as well. She came from lower on the plant, near the soil.

I think the burn has stopped, now to get vital again.

Neither has had nutrients for a week, they get fed again tomorrow morning. They will be getting a more conventional feeding protocol. Mother Alice is doing great on the unconventional, but it took several hours a day to make stuff I could buy at Home Depot or a grow shop. We now have more conventional fertilizers for the camouflage tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, mints, etc. so much easier.

We’ve got blood meal, bone meal (which is in the bottom of both pots), Bloom Booster, homemade CalPhos, as well as indoor and outdoor plant foods. None of these products advertises to reduce pH, but some of them might.

Is there a particular (inexpensive) product I can get at my Home Depot or hydrophonics store? One search came up with a $100 trio of nutrients.

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I don’t have a hydro shop, but my local feed store carries Foxfarms liquid trio. Unfortunately they sell them individually, but it doesn’t cost me much more than Amazon and I can get it today.

Lowe’s, Home Depot and Walmart doesn’t carry them on the shelf in my area, but @Countryboyjvd1971 ordered the Dirty Dozen pack from Walmart on their website for less than Amazon.

Being outside in the Northern hemisphere, the pistles are just showing sex. It’ll be later this year before they actually flower. I’ll try to put up a couple pics later to show you what I mean.


Yeah I picked up the dirty dozen for 89 online at Walmart
10 less then on Amazon and free shipping as well
I now double check them both against each other they both carry almost everything you will need


We got them flushed out, and then I figured out that I’d screwed up. When I took (mother) Alice out from under the lights to live completely on sunlight, I left the fixtures where they were. Then I put the clones under that same light, but didn’t think to move the lights down. We figured this out a couple days ago, and they’ve been doing so much better.

Mary has responded much better than Jane.

Jane is still doing better than before, hopefully she’ll catch up.


Really taking off.

Family photo just before mom got harvested.


I’ve been struggling with my clones this year. I’ve been trying new methods, but I’m about to go back to the tried and true methods I have always used.

I’ll play with new methods after I get some established and can afford to lose some. I’m three weeks behind schedule now. :disappointed:

I saw the mother in your other topic after the trim. She may look naked, but I love how trimming showcases the buds!


We lost the first two, I think we took those too soon, but these, taken a week later, are doing great. They were taken just days before flowering started.

I never would have thought this all possible without the support here. Yay for you guys!

They got fed today, organic water soluble Miracle Gro (lots of micronutrients) one teaspoon per quart of water split between them and sprayed on the leaves and watered in. I added a capful of H2O2 to the pourable portion after spraying like Will suggested, then watered everything in. Although a day late (gale force winds yesterday) these plants are very resilient; I just have to change the schedule. They are only getting watered when fed, the water lasts several days, for now.

Mary is doing well, she’s 5.5 weeks from cutting.

Jane isn’t doing as well, but she’s perking up.

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I don’t know what happened. This morning I fed and watered both, using the Miracle Gro half strength and a cap of hydrogen peroxide for the food, then watered through. That was at 8, at ten Jane was looking like I’d poured Roundup on her. Mary is just fine. I flushed Jane with RO, then flushed her again about noon. pH was about 7.5 on both so I mixed up some vinegar and water, 1 tablespoon per quart, and poured that in. The “nutrients” meter says that she’s got low nutrients, higher than Mary, but still low.

Here’s Jane at eight:

Here’s Jane at ten:

Not a pretty sight.

After the flushes and the vinegar, she’s perking back up, just hope she lives. This is/was to be their first night outdoors all night. (Greatly magnified)

The added soil level is from the mulch we added today. If they got as the last one did, we won’t have many more days that we can add mulch, they grow so fast.

She seems well on the way to recovery, but if I could avoid doing whatever it was that I did, that would be a good thing.

Any ideas?

Support ticket
Strain; unknown sativa clone, from mother from seed.

Soil in pot. Miracle Gro

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 7.5 before flush and vinegar treatment, waiting to test again

What is strength of nutrient mix? Quarter strength (1 tsp/qt vice label instructions 1 tbsp/qt) Miracle Gro “Natures Care” organic plant food.

Indoor /Outdoor Light system, size? 80 watts of cfl Grow lights for makeup when there isn’t enough light outside. Otherwise, outside all day.

Temps; Day, 80-90, Night 60-70
Humidity; Day and Night 20%

NA Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, …NA

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How fresh is the miracle gro soil in pot?
If itso fresh then you put nutes in your water that might be to hot for her at this stage


The Miracle Gro soil is part used but mostly new. That could explain why it happened. This morning she’s perky again… I’ll have to hold off on feedings, see how she reacts now…

Here’s Jane this morning.

Mary, on the other hand, is shooting up. Funny thing is, Mary got the old soil, aloe fronds on the bottom to keep the dirt in, all kinds of random plant material, while Jane got bone meal in the bottom, all the advantages.

We have these little guys running all over too. They drink from the pots, and eat bugs. And oh so cute. They’ve been here for a while, it’s safe inside the walls, but they will eventually leave the nest. We enjoy them while they are here.