We got an Inadvertent clone from a random seed

If you look at my other grow journal, you know we found a seed and tried to sprout it, which is now a nice 12" high female of unknown genetics. We took a couple of small branches near the soil (for adding extra soil) and were first going to press them in the Bible like our first leaves, but they were too thick. Then we were going to dry them and smoke them so we left them on the counter and went to the dispensary. Then we were thinking of chucking them, so why not try cloning with whatever we had on hand, just like the mother?

I took some plastic flower starter packs that the flowers we planted last night came in, dumped some Miracle Grow in the little plastic pots, jammed my finger in the middle to make a hole, and dropped the stems in, with some leaves hanging out. I filled them back in, added water, and set them in the sun.

One was buried with only a small leaf out of the soil, we call her “2”. The other had a lot of leaves out of the soil, she’s “1”. They are so named because we thought 1 was going to shoot up and 2 was dead, but we hadn’t given up yet.

A couple hours later and we had 1 popping her head up and aiming for the sun. 2 took a couple more hours, then I messed with the buried leaves and they’re vibrant and green. Shortly later, she was also following the sun. 2 is now the stronger looking plant.

They’re under the same lighting mom for now, but don’t expect huge expenditures here, I’ve got about $0.98 tied up in a plastic saucer to keep the mother’s leakage from staining, so we’re going to try to maintain that level with the little girls as well.

No pictures on this thread, sorry.

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Don’t forget to mist them a few times a day.

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Thanks @FloridaSon

We got back from the VA and put them back in the sun for a few hours. I hadn’t misted, and they were starting to droop. I’ve misted them now, well have to see. The one day I’m away from home just happens to be the day after we get a wild hair and try cloning… Hoping for the best


Both are still vertical, but some of the leaves have turned crinkly brown. The remainder are bright green and following the sun.

My grows are full Arizona sun supplemented by artificial lighting I cobbled together out of shop, aquarium, and makeup lights to get 18 hours of light a day total. I move them in and out daily, and move them to get full sun all day. These are also zero-dollar grows. Everything is reused/recycled/homemade/leftovers. I make fertilizer out of Aloe Vera and my own urine, and use the last bit of the wife’s flower fertilizer mix when she fertilizes her herbs and flowers, which really overwhelm the skunky aroma of the plants. I’ve spent about a buck on a big plastic plant saucer so runoff doesn’t stain the deck.

I gave them love this morning with sprays of water, then after a bit to let it soak in, a spray of a light solution of aloe on the bottoms and tops of all the leaves, some on the soil, let that soak in a bit, and then sprayed water again. I’ve been watering until it starts to weep out, and they’re in a saucer so I can monitor how much they want. They share the same saucer with their mother, so some drips off of her also hit them.

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Aloe spray recipe

Cut aloe frond as far down as possible, it looks better and there is more goo at the big end. Lay the frond curved side down (kind of like a cup) and slice from one end to the other. Try not to cut clear through the skin on the opposite side, it makes it easier to scrape the goo out later.
Filet off the skin on the entire top, then slice the goo with a crosshatch, back and forth, up and down motion; cut it every which way, but again try not to cut the skin on the bottom of the frond.
Scrape out the goo and stick it in blender, add RO in same amount as goo, blend until slightly frothy; add RO as needed. Let mixture steep for two days, shaking regularly.
Strain out through cheesecloth or similar. This concoction can be sprayed on foliage and on the soil, and can be poured on the soil as a fertilizer and insect repellent. When sprayed through a trigger spray bottle, take care to add enough water to not clog the spray head.


Both little girls are still alive. I’ve been misting them every few hours since @FloridaSon mentioned it. They got some of the mothers N (8-0-0) feeding this morning, and I misted that off right after.

This morning they were both reaching towards the makeup lights, looking good. The sun is a bit drying, so I lost a few leaves, but if I’d followed normal proceedures they would have been removed anyway. We got some cloning powder last night, so we’ve started with a cutting from a succulent. Same requirements, misting every few hours.

In a day or so I’m thinking of doing another, after the mother gets a little bigger. These cuttings were taken just short of six weeks from seed, and we’re considering more maturity might mean better pot. That, and the mother might be moving to larger digs here soon.

Still reading and discussing.

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Sounds good my friend
Happy growing

You should add a little P & K to help aid root development.

Thank you. I have 0.1-1-1, I can give them a bit of that mixed with RO. It’s in my random rotation of nutrients, so I sprayed a bit of that, as well as their aloe, on them this morning so she can take advantage of the 90+ degree blazing sun. Pool day! Again😁

They share a saucer with Mom, so maybe once a day her minimal runoff become their bottom feed, so they get the same nutrients on the leaves and from the bottom. This also lets the soil dry a bit between waterings from below. I’m watching for any signs of roots, not sure where they should start to show up, or where to look without hurting them.

Still perky and green, although nothing like Mom. 1 is looking a bit pale on the lower leaves after her night in the artificial lighting. 2 lost one branch, or was about to, so I nipped it off. I forgot how tough they are, rather than use the razor sharp knife in my pocket, I used my fingernails; I ended up breaking it instead of cutting. “How not to clone”, that should have been my thread title. They’ve had five nights and are still alive, although I wouldn’t recommend this method if you are in a hurry, they seem to be kinda slow on the uptake.

Misting question: I’m here all day and can pretty much spray her every hour or two, but I the words I’m reading are, “a few times a day”, and I’m definitely spraying more than that. Does this mean I should really only spray two or three times a day? Does more help, or hurt, or have no effect?

How do I tell if they are rooting? They look alive, but 1 feels a little like she’s not happy, or maybe dying.

Thanks all!

Oh, do I tag people who’ve been helping me every time, or does the “forum machine” tell them when I’ve posted something?

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It depends on the settings they have set for your thread @Bunny-mike if they a watching thread it will notify any time some one post here
If tracking they would only get notified when someone tags or responds to a comment they left and get lower from there hope this helps
There’s a little box that is on lower left side of screen call topic controls you can set everything there

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Found it, thanks

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The tips of the older leaves are turning brown and crinkly, like when the mother burned herself on a makeup light. I didn’t trim them before the operation, just let them stay, thinking they would provide more energy to the plant. Should I snip the leaves’ ends like in Robert’s article, or just let them be? They are at 5 days old and still appear to be hanging on.

There are tiny leaves poking out of the very top of the clones, 2 more so than 1. They appear to be growing, but very slowly.

They got a spray of urine mixture (ten to one with RO water) followed by a misting wash down and bottom watered from Mom’s runoff. Another good full sun day is what the weather folks say, so they’ll be in the 94* heat again all day.

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Here the little girls are, minus location data.

Here is the clone we call, “2”. She’s putting out those little bitty leaves in the center.

This is 1. She looked better at first than her sister, but now not so much.

And here they are together. Five nights old.

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Here’s 2, 1 is to the right.

Closeup of 2

Relative size and color

The browning is evident, this is 2

Closeup of 1. You can see all the browning.

2 looks better. You can see the tiny leaves better in this picture.

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Day 8, and they are both still with us. I see some very fine leaves in the centers of both, pushing their way out. Too small for camera focus.

This morning they got 0.1-1-1 and 1-1-1 mixed in 20 oz of water sprayed on their leaves followed by RO and a dip of the bottoms of the starter pots in Mom’s runoff from her feeding and watering. This worked well yesterday, one spray down in the morning following feeding, one at night, and a dip in runoff. They didn’t need any further water all day, even though it was well into the 90’s.

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Two more clones today, followed Robert’s instructions to the letter as best we could. Although these are purposeful, I didn’t want to open a new thread, and since they are from the same mother in the same sprouting planters, no point in separating the stories.

They still look good this morning. 1 and 2 are dwarfed by the new clones, named 3 and 4. The earlier clones are nine days old and have some tiny new leaves, but they seem quite a bit lighter in color than the new ones. Should we maybe put them all under artificial lighting for a week or so? @garrigan62 @realdream @FloridaSon @Oldstoner @Matthew420

Here are 3 (on right) and 4. 3 is from a bottom branch, 4 is from a top branch.

Here you can see all four clones. From bottom left going clockwise is, 1, 2, 3, and 4.


That’s just new leaf color no worries


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Looking ok here remember they will be shocked and look a little pale anyways till they get rolling