We got a first timer here!

I’m not seeing anything definitive.


@covertgrower ill take some more and see if I can get a better angle. I’d rather be safe than sorry. I looked over them pretty thoroughly and didnt see anything along the lines of bud rot. Now after drying for a couple days, there just appears to be brown in places ive never noticed on bud ive handled prior to this. After getting my toes into growing, im kind of ashamed at the lack of attention ive paid to the details on the herb ive injested in my life :rofl:

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Bmif you see brown spots that you suspect is bud rot just pull them open a little and see. It will be all rotten and mushy if so

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Any suggestions on a rough time estimate? This is one of the banana kush from my first ilgm seed grow. I must say compared to the bag seeds i experimented with, the ilgm plants are phenomenal as far as smell, density, and appearance. One of the sour d has an aroma i can only describe as the most appealing bud for my sense of smell. Im no expert reviewer, but the citrus scent coming off of it is hands down top notch for me.


Some trichs are clear and some milky, im just not sure when to go off nutes. Not sure on a time table for how long the plant needs to reach peak level in comparison to the two weeks recommended of no mutes.

Thats the sour d I was describing earlier. Im pretty happy with how theyve turned out so far. These were the ones I did in m.g. @Dr.ofSmokology haha I will say im going to stick with the m.g. for the outdoor grow next year and play around with nutrient levels very carefully. I didnt have too many bumps with it as far as I know for my first grow. Plus I got the 2 cubic ft yellow bags on clearance for .50 that price, ill make it work!


awesome. maybe even mix the mg with another top or potting soil to reduce its potency? might be worth a thought.


Very true. I need to start exploring the stores close to me for better soil. Anything within 50 miles of me that sells any kind of soil doesnt have a website so its going to be more of an exploration day. The internet is way too much for soil

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Your tent is 10’x5’ of floor space? I seen your comment in other topic about building lights…

That’s a big tent! Do you pretty much run the plant canopy from wall to wall, or do you have a signed amount of open floor space? Building a light to flower 5x5 usually gonna start somewhere around $600. Depending on features you want could easily be couple hundred more.

I’ve only done one grow in it so far but yes, it was wall to wall and then some! I ended up having to move some plants outside due to lack of room :joy: but honestly that would be good with me. I’d like something I could make dimmable.as far as power it puts out, how far can you go before you have to start introducing additional CO2? I feel like it’s a good sign you asked about the tent, I was going to respond to you asking wheres a good place to start learning the basics/fundamentals of grow lights about a week ago and forgot! I see your tag in just about every forum dealing with lights, and I feel it would be best to start from square one.

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My hero

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Bruce Bugbee has some good videos on YouTube if you’re looking for info on light science. Kind of a rabbit hole from there. Depending on what your looking for could be all over the place. I can certainly try to help you track down specific info, just need to know what you’re looking for.


Any good, another too good to be true, or never heard of it? I still have to get back to you about building my own light once the time gets closer, but I saw this looking for nute deals and figured I’d ask in case it’s a deal I don’t want to pass up!

I’m not familiar with it, sorry.

smoke report? what up?

Now that the holidays are out of the way, I think I can finally clear my plate and focus on this light situation. I’ve given it some thought, and Im thinking I’m going to get a 5x5 strictly for flowering to start the perpetual growing I believe it’s called. My plans for my 10x5 (18/6 light) are going to be the left half strictly for photos that will end up in the flowering tent and the right half will be for autos. I believe my Amazon LEDs will be capable of powering veg growth so I’m going to use those for the photos. With the right half being used for autos, I want to upgrade the lighting on that side as well. Since those will be on an 18/6 schedule, would you still advise going with the same light as the flowering tent I’m asking about a little farther down? Or would a spider farm be alright when it comes to final yield #'s since this tent will have the extra 6 of light.

Now the building my own light questions for my flowering tent. I’ll take your recommendation on which route to go, I either want to build my own or I’m going hlg. Which would be more beneficial? If I can build an equal quality light to hlg for cheaper or a better quality for the same price, I’m all for it no matter how long it takes.
As far as specifics, what do you recommend for optimum performance? I definitely want a dimmer as far as extras, but after that I’m not too sure what else. High quality drives and diodes are a given so I’m not sure what else I would want. At what point does more lighting power become useless without adding CO2 into the mix? I want the light to have full coverage and be as powerful as possible but I probably won’t be adding CO2 for at least a few more grows.
If you recommend the hlg route, which unit?

I’m not going to lie and say price isn’t a factor because it is, but I don’t want it to be a factor when choosing a light or option as long as it’s within reason. I’d rather get the better product the first time around. I feel my two biggest issues my first grow were not enough nutes during flower and not enough light so I’d like to fix those. I don’t think I missed anything, if so feel free to let me know! Thanks again for the help! I found your let’s talk diy lighting forum that I’m starting to dig into. Four years, quite a load of info there!

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As long as you don’t run into auto that doesn’t want to flower on long light schedule that should be fine for them. If you grow enough autos, you will probably run into some that struggle to flower on 18/6. So have a plan for that.

As far as getting a light for flowering section, diy seems to be dying art. There just isn’t as much money to be saved as there was a few years ago. When hlg-550 was $1050 it definitely made sense to grab 4 boards and heatsinks for $400, $120 driver, and $75 in aluminum and wiring. Now the bigger badder hlg-600 is something like $775, and with sales and discount codes can be on your doorstep for under $700. So most opt to spend the extra $100 to do nothing and get a longer warranty. I think you can actually get a refurbished lamp for what it costs to build one, maybe even cheaper?

From there, you basically have to decide on what you want. If you want super badass multi channel dimming with spectrum control, uv, far red, even canopy from corner to corner, you will certainly be able to build cheaper than paying someone to build it for you. If you’re wondering, none of my lights do any of that lol. I have one with multi channel dimming, but I don’t even use that light. At the same time, the scorpion r-spec is superior to hlg-600. And then scorpion Diablo is superior to the scorpion r-spec. If you’re going to pay for scorpion diablo, then chilled tech and other heavy hitters are in your wheel house. But they will all have dimming and do a good job in 5x5 space. While I think it makes no sense to copy a diy build of hlg-600. If you absolutely wanted a chilled tech x6 600, I may be able to help you save some money there.


For the dimming feature, I just like being able to turn them damn near off so I don’t cook during watering haha. I still get in there and shuffle plants around from time to time, which is also preventing me from putting a nice pvc net system together.

What are your thoughts on the pricing on these?

These are the two I was looking at if I went the hlg route. The 650 for the flowering tent and the scorpion r spec for the autos. I have six autos going so the six units in the r spec seem appealing. I’m not sure if that would be better than going the 650 route for the autos as well? I’m sort of leaning more toward the hlg route after you mentioned the warranty aspect. The 650 has a 5 year and the scorpion r spec 3 year.

Is it risky getting a refurbished lamp from hlg or do all the wear and tear items that Im worrying about get replaced?

I did start looking at chilled lights. the 600 watt looked pretty sweet. Then I saw you could get a diy kit to save some money too. Then I saw the big kahuna…

Just when I thought the scorpion diablo looked appealing! :rofl: They have a better warranty buying straight from chilled or even an already built light but the price increases rapidly. The kits save a decent buck on that 1000w, especially from that site.

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