We got a first timer here!

Hey guys, I want to say thanks in advance for all the help everyone will provide. I appreciate any advice and constructive criticism! First timer and I’m a jump into the deep end of the pool kind of guy. With that being said, ill list my details and hope anyone can help with my problem!

Plants: 3 durban poison, 4 banana kush, 4 sour d, and 1 gold leaf all from ILGM.
Tent: 120x60x78
Lights: maxsisun pb1000 (10 of them, I wanted flexibility on moving them instead of having massive one piecers)
Medium: the forbidden one I really dont want to admit too (be easy, I know better for future grows and have 10 autos getting ready to be transplanted into 3 gal fabric pots using strictly happy frog) with added perlite
Pots: just transplanted into 10 gal fabric pots.
Waiting on ph reader as well as ppm.
Temp has been about 82, and I have two high output small fans in the corners for circulation. I have a hose line entrance in the tent open with an additional fan sitting in front of the window blowing right onto the opening for as much fresh air circulation as possible (its a basement window but I figured better than nothing)
Watering when needed, not too much and letting them dry before next water.
I keep a dehumidifier right outside the tent keeping the area at 70.

I’m hoping my pictures come through, but heres my problem. I just recently transplanted from red solos to the 10 gal fabrics. I also moved them from sitting about 20 inches under 2 of those lights into the tent for the first time. I have 5 lights running over top of them right now at 50%, but the leaves are browning and curling under. I went from the same height to what I moved them too today, about 36 inches up. Im not sure if its over water, under, light burn, not enough, too big of pots, etc. The only nutrients given was a very diluted seedling booster (ILGM brand). My issues mainly started when I moved into the tent. Some seem fine but in afraid its going to get worse and affect the entire grow.


It looks a little dry in there I would try watering and see what happens over the next day or two.

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Welcome and good luck with the grow. I’m sure someone else will come and hit you with some good advice. I would definitely try to keep that soil a little more moist tho.

Any thoughts on the lighting distance or intensity? The first day I had all 10 on at roughly 24 inches at 80% and it was BRIGHT, thats why im wondering about light burn. And thanks, ill give them a watering here shortly.

Come clean… did you buy 120 gallons of Miracle Grow??

We can’t help if we don’t know but it looks like early signs of nute burn. You likely don’t need to feed these for a while.


The price point I was offered, i have a buddy working at a store who got a huge discount, it seemed like something I should just try and work with. What I dont get is they were germinated and growing in the same soil before I transplanted them and they seemed to be doing fine?

This is what I like to see. Go big or stay home. Buddy you did both. One way or another you will come out on top. Having so many plants almost guarantees a nice harvest and you get to learn on top of it.

Fabric pots don’t just dry from the top down. They will also dry from the sides. Make sure you thoroughly soak your pots at least once a week.

Looks real good.


I thank you! I figured if I enjoy it, ill end up needing to expand so why not just get that. After my first few grows, im thinking a veg tent and flower tent may be needed. Ive always been fascinated with the process since I started smoking. Im just going to learn through trial and error along with advice from the folks on here!


I did forget to say they are on and 18/6 light cycle and I cant remember what day I started them, they were germindated in soil I believe the 16 and 17 of june. I can double check the calendar later if its a needed detail.

I was mistaken, the seeds were put in the soil on the 21st and 22nd of june.


Welcome and your definitely jumping in with both feet good luck I want to follow along


I know a guy here who has had some success with miracle grow soil. This will be the 2nd tag in today. @Dr.ofSmokology might be able to share a thing or two. Your set up looks great!


Your a mad lad I barely can fit 8 autos in a 4x4 you may have to flip them early at week 4 to keep them in control


thanks again. never been so glad to get such great recognition for such poorly educated choices lmao. in all honesty @brownsfan100 its faster if you read my posts on MG. pretty much if you are still in the MG then i would not add any nutes untill you start flowering. too much orher great advice for me to add anything more than that. read my threads. i have more input from my grows.


You flush your miracle gro prior to use right? I think that might be the most important tip. @FullyMedicated

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not really much of a flush per say. more like watering a bucket of soil with no seed. in my 5gal buckets the day before planting i would run 2 gallons of plain water thru the soil. then after sprouting i typically give about a cup of water every day and mist my dome. then once in veg i will give one gallon of plain water every two days til flowering then i bump it up to two gallons. first one gallon of plain water then one gallon of water and bloom booster every 3 days all the way thru harvest.


As long as I figure everything out and dont lose them, ill keep pictures coming throughout the stages! Seeing the pictures of everyones work; the different strains, stages, all the results depending on mediums and lights, it just instantly grabbed my attention! @dirtydave

@oldmarine you think it could be lack of water?

@Docnraq thanks, im trying to keep everything as clusterly organized as I can! :rofl:

@GreenSnek I figured the first time grower getting a 120x60x78 would tell you im a little mad haha

@Dr.ofSmokology @Budz will do, and yes they are still in the m.g. im hoping that isn’t my issue and my lights were too close but im still not sure on that.

Sorry for the late responses, ILGM apparently limits how many responses your allowed within your first 24 hours of posting. Good thing my plants lives arent on the line or anything…


I gave them some last night, ill duplicate again tonight and see if it helps by tomorrow.

You think thats what it is, nute burn from the soil?

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No, I was just making an observation. Your plants look healthy.

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