We are interested to start growing medical cannabis

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

We are interested to start growing medical cannabis.
We would like to help us to get from you ready and grown plants and we want to grow them here until flowering.
Our final product we want to be medical oil.
We want to ask you what kind of equipment we will need to produce all that and final product medical oil.
We have 1400 m2 area, which 400 m2 will be for equipment and machines and 1000 m2 for growing the cannabis.
All that will be in closed space (indoors). We want to help us and tell what kind of equipment and lights will need for all this to produce good and quality flower and oil.


You should join are forum and we would be happy to help just tag someone in when you are a member put a @ in front of there name like this @Hogmaster


I second that
Join us so we can assist you to a successful harvest
We have many medical users here on the forum that would love to assist you achieve your goals


This is a grower support forum what you decribe is not a small or personal grow @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 @ILGM.Zoe this is asking for advice for a commercial sized grow space our forum is geared towards people growing for personal not distribution. 1000m2 is a 100 lights plus and industrial exhaust AC units pumps etc. There are consultants for that kind of thing and if you are looking at that large of an investment and return I think you can look into finding and hiring a commercial green house consultant