Way to visually determine autoflower or not? 3 weeks old


First time growing here. Question regarding a plant of mine. Was sprouted via bag seed, only seed out of 3 ounces. It is currently 3 weeks old, is under a “1500 watt” grow led, in a fox farm/black gold 1 gallon planter. 2 light feedings of grow big. Recently replanted. Currently on a 20/4.

My main question is, it is extremely compact and seems to be very fast growing. I have 3 “G13’s” and one “Coal Creek Kush” in along with it, albeit they are about 7 days younger, but this plant is very very different from what I know to be the photoperiod plants around it. Since this is an unknown strain, I’m beginning to think it is an auto just by how it looks, but need some help with it.

Sorry if I sound extremely newbish, its because I am!

Thanks in advance!


Hard to say, just a vigorous plant I think? Why are you running your light at 20/4? 18/6 works just fine and will save you energy. Also what light are you using that is 1500 watts? If its LED Im unaware of any that are 1500 watts? You may wish to consult the fine print on the light you are using?
Oh welcome to the forum and your plant looks quite nice albeit looks a tad overwatered by the wavy krinkling on a leaf I see.

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Thanks for your reaponse. No particular reason on the 20/4, when doing research I read about a few different and picked this one. In regards to the light, Im not sure if its a true 1500 watt equivalent or not, but its listed as such. I put it in " " to show my suspicion lol. It is bright as hell. Im using the light according to the fine print. Ill attach a screenshot of it.

Thanks for the welcome! I really appreciate that, and thanks for the compliment. I justttt watered them before I took the photos. Really enjoying this so far, can’t wait to learn and gain experience.



$【𝐄𝐍𝐄𝐑𝐆𝐘 𝐒𝐀𝐕𝐄𝐃 𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐕𝐄𝐒𝐓 𝐑𝐀𝐈𝐒𝐄𝐃】Good for a 2x3’ grow tent,Actual Consumption 130-150W, I think this is what @Cannabian was getting at. I assume you have other lights if you have four photos going too and more grow space than 2x3

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Welcome to the community! pretty plant wide Leafs looks to be Indica dominant.


Welcome to the community nice looking plant.

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Yeah that will do for seedlings and light veg but will be inadequate for decent flowering. You may want to think about upgrading to an HLG light?

Its weird, online it says 2x3, and then it says 3x3 in the literature that comes with it. Par for the course with Chinese led’s :joy:. Yes I do have more lights, there are currently 2 in there, and the closet is 3x6.

So the 3k combine wattage won’t be enough for that small space??

May be? Hard to say.

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A general rule of thumb is watts draw at the wall / sq ft = watts per sq ft
the sq ft watts needs to be 30 plus depending on the light. This would work for a high quality quantum board light like HLG… Their 260 Rspec covers 9 sq ft flower with 280 watts = 31.
your light draws 150 x 2=300 / 18 = 16 watts per sq ft. A little on the lite side to produce dense buds
About 50% of the power needed.

Okay cool! Thanks for that info. Looks like I need to supplement the lighting a bit then!

I think so if you will have 4-5 plants in there (full house). I have a 3x3 and during flower push around 450 watts with some left over if I wanted to crank it up some more.

Okay cool. I’m going to research my options to crank it up a bit. I did some research on lux/par for leds etc before I bought these and found that 107,500 lux was recommended for flowering cannabis and these lights are over 112,000 lux, so I thought I was alright. This has been so much fun though, will definitely be a good learning experience. After this initial run, will be a good time to evaluate the setup and equipment and see what needs to be adjusted.

Going to top the fat n happy plant tomorrow and transplant into a 5 gallon smart pot. Thanks again for your help!

Well, I dove pretty deep into researching LED’s even more and I learned a good bit. I was able to find a video produced 6 months ago, by a Dr. Bruce Bugbee who is a professor of Crop Physiology at University of Utah, and who works with nasa about growing plants in space. He produced a video solely on the lighting requirements for flowering cannabis, based upon a years worth of research that he did. Here is the link Cannabis Grow Lighting Myths and FAQs with Dr. Bruce Bugbee - YouTube.

After doing the math, my grow space has an optimal usable PPF of 1170µmol. These fixtures I bought measure at 1,729 µmol @ 6" and 809 µmol @ 12", so maybe I lucked out with these? Who knows, will be fun to see! I’ll update this thread as flowering time comes around and see how well they do.

I am a fan. You can see that height has a significant impact. In order to obtain the 2x3 flower footprint, what is your light’s recommended height?

I like the way he teaches, its very easy to understand for me. The paperwork that came with the light says 18".

So will that put you at about 400 µmol in the center. How about the perimeter?
This is a real life application. I used these two lights, each are about 125-130 watts

To flower this one white widow auto. About 2 weeks before harvest

Oh wow. Yah I’m definitely going to be underpowered. What a beautiful plant!!! Absolutely gorgeous. What size pot did you use?

3 gallon