Way to identify before I begin harvest

IS there a way to identify the type I have before I begin to harvest them? I received some seeds from a friend when I planted and not sure what type I have


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I don’t think there is a reliable (and affordable) way to determine what strain a plant is from appearance. If you were looking at pure Indica or sativa you would likely be able to tell from the leaves and plant height but with modern hybrids it is not so straight forward. The best you can hope for is an educated guess and it may not be all that educated LOL.

I am growing a pair of Strawberry Cough plants, 10% Indica 90% sativa, one has sort of fat leaves like an Indica but is growing tall like a sativa, the other has skinnier leaves like a sativa but is growing quite short. Each seed/plant is unique and it is impossible to tell in advance which characteristics will be prominent in the plant.


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Do you think if I added a picture of it here could it be identified? the plant?

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We might be able to give you a very broad idea looking at them, but narrowing it down to one strain would be nearly impossible, even smelling/tasting the finished product. Love to see them though!

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Gorgeous! Looks sativa dominant, to me. How do they smell?

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smell…, strong smell from far away

Gonna have ot harvest soon

It looks good but no way to tell ya

You checking trichs ? Dont harvest too soon , dont want to cut her down before it’s time! She looks beautiful just looks a little early still …looks a few weeks away from chop .


Gonna check them soon, these pics were taken about 10 days ago

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Let see some updated pics man , alot or a little can happen in ten days brother ! Hoping for alot .

Just looked at the trichs with a loop and there still pretty clear , gonna have to wait little