WaxwingSlain's first grow- WW feminized

More than a week after tossing the BK beans in soil, the first of them finally emerges. It put a needed smile on my face this morning.

After another gentle watering yesterday morning, seed two of three popped up. The only one still below ground is the plant whose container I knocked over and spilled everywhere a while back; it will be interesting to see if/when she makes it to the surface.

No noticeable change from yesterday in the Bubbas. Watered to slight runoff, this time with half a ml of Tribus. I have a few more strong Indica seeds on my way, and if Yuzu doesn’t pull through I’ll germinate a few of those to grow alongside Momo and Anzu.

I finally trimmed the Widows and stowed them into Mason jars. They took up every jar I had! Humidity in the jars is in the low fifties. I waited so long because I couldn’t keep humidity in the drying tent as low as I wanted, but some of the plants got seedy. Hopefully that won’t tank the THC or anything. Most of the bud looks quite nice, though.

The numbers are in!

Erwin yielded 77.6 grams.
Caesar yielded 57.4 grams.
Oryou yielded 74.7 grams.
And Saemonza yielded 80.8 grams.

This sums to 290.5 grams, or two thirds of a pound, slightly higher than expected. I’m a happy camper!

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Both of the newest seeds had long enough taproots that I put them in the soil. This time I spritzed with Maxicrop water before dropping in the seeds, and I opted to forgo Mykos (it will be used during transplant). The newcomers are a cross between Black Domina and Scott’s OG, and have been christened Maho and Erika.

Last night I sampled a nug from my crop, and it was quite nice. I mostly worried about the taste, due to high PPMs toward the end of flowering and the fact that the cure is still in the early stage (and mild imposter syndrome), but it wasn’t noticeably different from what I’m used to smoking.

I have managed to keep seedling tent temp and humidity pretty much optimal- around 70F and 65% RH- but there have been little flies (gnats?) spotted. I dusted with DE last night in hopes of nipping this in the bud.

Three of four have emerged.

Transplant day!

The two Bubba Kush gals got moved into five gallon fabric pots full of mixed coco and Fox Farm Ocean Forest, with some mykos sprinkled on their roots first. Getting them out of their Solo cups was a bit harrowing; I tried turning them upside down and gently tugging the stems, but that felt very risky and didn’t seem to do much. I ended up sliding a knife around the edges and coaxing the root structure out that way; on balance that probably means I waited a little too long, but hey, it’s my first try at transplant.

The two five gallon pots are much too big to fit in the 2x2, so all plants were moved to my 4x4 and with that, under the more serious lights (1000w Spider Farm LED and 600w MH). As for the Dominas, one (Erika) never emerged and probably won’t at this rate, but the other (Maho) is sailing on smoothly.

Before transplant and after:

I gave the girls around .75L of water, with 1mL each of Sensi Grow A and B, as well as of Tribus. Unfortunately I forgot to pH balance entirely, and since it’s my first time with the Sensi nutes I have no idea what it came to.

Transplanted Maho. She seems much more fragile than the other girls were at this stage, but she’s also much younger so it’s no big surprise. Watered with one liter, plus 1mL each Sensi Grow A+B and .5mL Tribus and B52. Last time around, using Fox Farm nutes, I got used to having to pH down from around 10 with a typical feeding, so I was a bit shocked to find the AN blend needing to be raised up from around 2.

Feeding day; this time it was 2L water + 2mL Sensi A and B and 1mL Tribus and Rhino Skin. I topped the Bubbas a few days ago and they’re looking just peachy.

Things are really coming along. I’ll flip to flower in a few days.