WaxwingSlain's first grow- WW feminized

Here come the autumn tones

Four gallons again, and this time they all had a decent amount of runoff, which measured at 5.5 pH and around 3300 PPM… I still don’t trust this TDS meter, but that’s much lower than last time at least.

good to see the PPM coming down…the buds look great! might be worth considering a flush if you wanna push that pH up and clean her out before harvest but definitely get a few more opinions first of course.

keep up the good work!

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Temp and humidity are dipping substantially- lately things have moved from ~85F and 55% RH to around 75F and 35% RH. It’s for the best, I’m sure.

This time four gallons in was enough to generate half a gallon out. Runoff pH remained consistent at 5.5, while PPM has fallen to a cool 2000. I’m very pleased that the downward PPM trend is continuing, and that I shouldn’t have to do a hardcore flush. Still nothing but white trichs, as far as I can tell.