WaxwingSlain's first grow- WW feminized

Here come the autumn tones

Four gallons again, and this time they all had a decent amount of runoff, which measured at 5.5 pH and around 3300 PPM… I still don’t trust this TDS meter, but that’s much lower than last time at least.

good to see the PPM coming down…the buds look great! might be worth considering a flush if you wanna push that pH up and clean her out before harvest but definitely get a few more opinions first of course.

keep up the good work!

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Temp and humidity are dipping substantially- lately things have moved from ~85F and 55% RH to around 75F and 35% RH. It’s for the best, I’m sure.

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This time four gallons in was enough to generate half a gallon out. Runoff pH remained consistent at 5.5, while PPM has fallen to a cool 2000. I’m very pleased that the downward PPM trend is continuing, and that I shouldn’t have to do a hardcore flush. Still nothing but white trichs, as far as I can tell.

Another four gallons in and half gallon out… oddly, this time PPM readings were much higher, hovering just below 3000. The girls are struggling to stay upright, so I’m hoping we can harvest soon- fortunately I saw my first amber trichs earlier today, so hopefully we can harvest within the week!

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excited for the final product!

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Today marks the final flush before harvest. I gave them my standard four gallons but surprisingly this time there was almost no runoff, so I put another half gallon through. The final runoff PPM reading came to 1830. Too high? Possibly, but I weighed my options and this seemed like the best time to call it. One plant looks like she’s past the ideal harvest point, while the others aren’t quite so far along- hopefully I made the right choice. I shut off the lights and intend to give them two, maybe three days of total darkness before the chop.

I have plenty of other seeds on hand, and I’m thinking perhaps tomorrow I’ll start germinating some Bubba Kush. I have a 2x2 tent as well as the 4x4 I used for most of this grow, so the natural move is to start the new girls in the smaller tent while the larger is used for drying. Sharing my journey with you all has been a wonderful experience, and I would love to keep it going. Starting a new journal for the Bubbas is the best way to go, right?

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Tossed the BK seeds into water and hydrogen peroxide around noon yesterday. We’re off to the races once again!

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Good luck on the WW harvest and BK germination! I think you probably made the right call on timing, a little early is better than too late.

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It’s the big day! Almost exactly four months after planting them, I cut the widows down. I thought I could get through their stems with a pocket knife, but it turned out to be a tall order, and after finally cutting through one that way I switched to a saw, which made it a breeze. I hanged the plants from coathangers, with binder clips attaching the popsicle sticks with their names to them; I want to be able to tell which ladies yielded what, individually, as I really have no idea which of them will come out on top. Right now the tent is sitting at 70F and 65RH.

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The cycle of life begins again; all three bubbas showed taproots earlier, so I planted them today. Say hello to Anzu, Yuzu, and Momo.

Caesar and Saemonza

10-14 days seems to be the generally-accepted drying window. Since I watered shortly before killing the lights, and also humidity is higher than optimal, I suspect it will take two weeks or even a little bit longer.
Oddly, with a humidifier running in the seedling tent and dehumidifier in the drying tent, RH has still been consistently higher in the drying tent. Switching the fan system in the 2x2 from input below/exhaust above to input above/exhaust below made a big difference in RH, though. IIRC it’s the opposite of what Hellraiser recommends, but his climate is radically different from mine, so I’m not surprised it works.


Thanks. Pretty neat you had the same idea I did with WW at the same time… very curious to see how our harvests compare.

Same here bud. I too will be at almost 4 months exactly when i chop. Very excited!

Still no signs of life from the bubbas. Starting to worry since all four WW girls had sprouted by this time last grow.

It’s possible I stunted the seeds by applying mykos all around them in their hole and covering them with soil, without adding much water. I watered to slight runoff today, hopefully that will wake things up; if not I’m prepared to give these ladies a few more days before switching to a new batch.