WaxwingSlain's first grow- WW feminized

Hi everyone, first time grower here. I have been reading other people’s journals and decided it would be smart to do my own. I’m growing indoors, with four feminized photo White Widows- right now they’re a week old and are all fitting snugly in a 2’x2’ tent, but I have a 4’x4’ that I will set up shortly. My light is a Spider Farmer SF-1000, there are 4” intake and exhaust fans plus a mounted interior fan pointed at the light. Plants are in 5lb bags, and the medium is predominantly a mix of FFOF and coco/perlite with some FFHF on top. I have a blurple light I can add when switching to 4’x4’, though I might pick up something like a supplemental MH or HPS light as well (is it okay to use a blurple and something like the SF-1000 in the same tent?). Waiting on an AC Infinite S6 in the mail, also for the 4’x4’.


Here’s what the tent looked like the other day. After putting them in the ground (skipped smaller pots/transplanting- something I would likely do different next time around) I gave an initial watering of about a quart that I pH’d down much too low, then panicked and added a bit more filtered water naturally around 7.5 pH hoping to balance it out. First time messing with pH in a very long time.
Once all four seedlings had broken through, I cut holes in the bottom of some plastic cups and sprayed them a few times a day, keeping them over the girls as humidity domes, but yesterday my biggest strongest lady, Erwin, was rubbing up against the edges and I figured I should drop the domes. Watered yesterday, about a quart between the four of them, this time pH’d to a solid 6.5- added a bit of Tribus as well. Tribus and Maxicrop are the only things I have been feeding with the pH’d water so far; I have a Cal/Mag and Fox Farm Trio, don’t plan to apply them for a bit though.

This has been a fun and exciting project, and I look forward to sharing it with you all! Lurking this forum was very informative and I really appreciate getting to learn from those with more experience.


My first grow was WW in FF OF. Really good choice. Easy to grow with big yields. Definitely some of the best weed I’ve grown. Following… Good luck! :sunglasses:

Hi Matthew, nice to have you on board.

Set up my 4’x4’ tent, not entirely thrilled with how the lights are set up at this point, but that can be adjusted. Will try to lower the blurple light soon, maybe just by chaining some carabiners together for now.

My girl Caesar looks a bit under the weather, yellowing somewhat. Will probably water again tomorrow and maybe give them some Cal-Mag, see if that clears things up.

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Gave the girls a quart and a half of water (total) with about .6ml of Cal-Mag, all pH’d to around 6.3. The hygrometer in my tent as well as the AC Infinite probe both agree that plants are exposed to around 44% relative humidity, and daytime temps in the early 70s (F). I’m keeping a small pan of water under the lights in hopes that that raises RH, not sure what kind of difference it really makes though.
Since switching to the 4’x4’ tent I have started using a secondary light (blurple), which was accidentally left on all night- made a mistake with the new timer, shouldn’t be a big deal.

I’m starting to play classical music in the tent sometimes, ideally will be for a few hours each day. Inoffensive stuff like Chopin and Liszt- not sure they would be thrilled by a Scriabin type. Seems like plants love violins, and tunes that are formally structured.

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Set to watch. I’m at the beginning of my first grow as well. I’m also in a 4x4 tent, but doing RDWC. I’ll link to my journal in case you want to check out my Strawberry Kushes. I can’t wait to see how your WWs turn out. That’s what I wanted to grow, but ILGM was sold out of feminized WW when I ordered.

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Hi KJ,
Strawberry kush seems like a cozy strain, but according to Leafly it’s only available in clone form. Looks like seeds are for sale in some places so I guess that was a mistake on their part. Wish I could help with your questions, but I don’t mind your hopping in.
I tried to order from ILGM but struggled with payment options and ended up getting my seeds elsewhere- can’t blame them for being cautious, of course. Have heard pretty much nothing but good things about ILGM’s seeds.

ILGM shipped my seeds promptly after I paid by e-check, and I had 100% germination rate. But I got an email from them a few weeks after they shipped my seeds, saying that my bank won’t honor the e-check. Strange. Trying to sort that out now.

I’m glad the my pH meter and pH calibration drops agree with one another… on the other hand, I have a TDS meter and 1000 TDS calibration solution, but the meter consistently reads 200-300 below that, so I’m not sure what to trust. Doesn’t seem essential that I pay attention to that stuff for now, but it might be a concern later.

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Lowered my blurple to about the level of the Spider Farmer. Between the pink light and the colorful carabiner chain this tent is starting to resemble some sort of candy dungeon.


Here’s what they look like this morning. Caesar (bottom left) still has some noticeable yellow blotches but looks otherwise okay.

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Close-up of Erwin, who was the first to sprout, around 11 days ago.

Rearranged one of the intake fans, lowered the lights a few inches, and gave a foliar spray of filtered water that was naturally around 6.5 pH- figure I’ll do that once or twice a day when not watering for a little while.


I got impatient this morning and watered again- a quart divided between the four, with 1/4 teaspoon of Maxicrop, pH’d down to around 6.6. Also gave another foliar spray but this seems to be weighing the girls down a fair bit; I’ll go easier on it.

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Hey! Looking good!

Just something to keep in mind, which maybe not be an issue for you. Having water droplets on your leaves can act as a magnifying glass to your lights and potentially leave some round burn spots.

I didn’t go back and look at your light height or anything, so again, may not be an issue for you. Just a friendly thought. :v:


Thanks man, I appreciate it. It’s easy to get nervous, it being my first attempt and such, so it’s nice to have some outside encouragement.


Uh oh!
Saw a bug on one of my girls this morning- I have a good photo but the site isn’t letting me post it. Will order some diatomaceous earth and/or neem oil, see if that helps.

I may have been too hasty when I ordered diatomaceous earth the other day- may have just been a single bug, possibly a firefly that got in there somehow. Should be nice to have around anyway though.
This morning I misted the foliage as usual, then watered with another quart (divided between the four) containing about .25mL Cal/Mag and .5mL Tribus. This came out to 6.1 pH naturally so I didn’t add anything else to buffer.

Are new members only allowed to post a few photos?