Wavy first serrated leaf set?

First seed grow, two weeks since 24hr soak.
Just wondering if this is indicative of any issues I should try to correct?

Or if this is typical of babies.
I know patience is a virtue, & too much love (watering) is a bad thing. I don’t think I’m over watering, I was using a spray bottle to give each cup three sprays, pulled them out of the humidity dome 48 hrs ago and started watering the rim of the cups when the top dried up. Any ideas are appreciated.

What kind of soil are you in?

Seedlings need very little water and all they have at this point is a tap root, so it’s not quite time to water in a perimeter around the base just yet. A ml or 2 of water at the base each day or a humidity dome is what she needs at this point. Watering around will leave water sitting in the cup. The plant has no way to get to water near the edges and you risk damping off. All risk, no reward.

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is that they’re chilling in. Honestly, I’d love to have them in the dome still, but I keep getting told about the negatives of using them and that it’s time to move them out of it lol. So hard to know what the real real is. They were doing the leaf wave while inside the dome too so I don’t think it is that, could be though lol

^ few days ago.