Watvu guys think


My opinion out reflective Mylar in there on all 4 sides so th light reflects at every angle and you’d be good to go for now

I was thinking about put some aluminum foil I got that lil fan but idk about the ventilations

Add the fan ventilation is good it allows air to keep moving and helps the plant breathe a little better than in still air, and acts as a positive stress to your plant to help them thicken

I gonna add it I just made it couple minutes ago home made till I move to a big apartment maybe two room I gonna give it couple more days then I gonna transplant it to a bigger container I may get the fox farm soil see if work perfect


18 hous of light nd 6 off I’m doing right now

Looking good keep that cycle and looks much better

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Thank you I really appreciate it all the help u guys are doing let see is turn out a good plant I hope is a female lolz

Lol just keep us posted with updates

I gonna put it more close to the light

I’m guessing by the looks of it it’s 100watt cfl, so yea it wouldn’t hurt they don’t produce much heat of possible you can get it within 4-6" and have pretty good results, givin that the 100watt cfl bulb is 5500 kelvins which is equivalent to sunlight and I’m guess thats bulb is 18-2600 lumens which is good for that little girl at her size

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Soo wat is the best light I can use for the flowering stage wat kinda bulbs

The lights you use are really based on your preference and how much money you’re looking to spend. You can grow with just CFLs if you want to. Won’t use much electricity and like another member said, they produce very little heat.

For me, I use CFLs and T5 lights for my veg area. But in my flower tent I use a 600w HPS fixture. The HPS and MH fixtures produce a lot of heat though, so if you’re grow room can’t vent the heat you’ll end up with a plant that probably won’t produce much, or might even die from the heat.

For you, I would suggest to either buy more CFLs, or to invest in some HID lighting. I got a really good deal on Amazon for a 600w fixture, a ballast, a timer, both a HPS bulb and a MH bulb, as well as hangers, all for around $150-170. But if you plan on using the cardboard box to finish the grow, I don’t think the HPS fixture would really fit in your setup. The CFLs are really good for adding supplemental lighting and can be really close to your plant, where as the HID lights you’ll need to keep at least 12"+ away from the plant.

I’m still new to all of this, but I hope I helped a little? Keep us updated and I’ll chime in whenever I can!

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So I guess I gonna go with CFL light for my flowering so I guess for my veg I’m good till now this is my first grow if everything work perfect for my next growing I will get a bigger place cuz I try to seeding around maybe 5 or 8 plant

In flowering preferably use 2700 Kelvin bulbs , it will still work with 5500 kelvinsthey work just as well (the one you are using now) I have pretty good experience with lights, here are a couple charts to help with your lights my friend they are pretty great charts. And for you being new to growing they will help you out for noa and for future references.


Such great charts, thanks so much Majik!

Apprehense you do not want your room over 80 degrees Fahrenheit, during flower it should be about 75-78 degrees and 35-40% humidity, and your welcome

Lumens 800 3500k looking good ? I guess

She’s looking better buddy keep up the good work can definatly see an improvement