Watts per square inch 48”x48” tent

@Rsevans24 I use fox farms ocean forest soil so it feeds with PH’ed water only for the first four weeks. Then I start on fox farms trio liquid nutrients big bloom grow big and tiger bloom at week 5 schedule. I also use the fox farms open sesame beastie blooms and cha Ching powder nutrients.

I am using two 250watt from the plug so a total of 500watts from the wall with lights. They are full spectrum cob leds.

First week of flower for the girls


Plants are 10 weeks old now. Trichomes are 50% clear 45% cloudy and 5% amber. How much longer do you think?

Looks like you’re around 5 weeks of flower so should be another 3-5 weeks for that strain

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I’m excited!!