Wattage of Light above new seedlings

I have soaked 2 seeds and they’re resting on a wet paper towel , covered on my hot water heater. I plan on transferring them tomorrow afternoon into a jiffy nursery. I’ll use miracle grow soil, mist lightly with the clear dome overhead. I do not know what bulb or light wattage to use ? Also how far above the seedlings ?
Can someone help me with this and how long before I should see green vegetation?
Thanks a bunch !!!

If you do not already have a grow light, you can get a couple of 14w A19s to use. Try and get 4 Daylight and 4 Warm White, these can be found at any local hardware store. They are LED bulbs. You will have to buy some light sockets and adapters to use but you will have around 120w of real lighting to start you out that would grow from start to finish. For around 45$

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I bought 50 watt grow lights. Not led. Would one of these work? Red, blue ?

It’s a 50w grow light but not led but is red or blue?

Yes. I have seen these in grow rooms so I bought 2 of them. I wondered if one would work or a low wattage white bulb? I feel lost.

I have 2 led 50 wattage infrareds. (?)

What’s the name of the bulb.

50w led full spectrum.
I checked on my seeds 12 hrs early & the tail is an inch long. I have placed them in a jiffy grow nursery using miracle grow. Light misting. Right now I have a 40 watt bulb 4 inches above and the temp reads 78*.
I hope this is correct. Also I am curious as to how long before I see vegetation growth.?
The 40 watt bulb is not led.
Thanks for your help.

Sounds about right, once the seed sprouts it will convert from its seedling stage to vegetative growth. It should take a week or 2 and you should start to see some good growth. Those lights however are really going to limit what your plant can do. You might want to invest in a COB light or a Grow light with around 150w of real power. Not just one that says its 150w. Look for actual power draw when looking.
While the 2 lights you have might work. I dont see your plant getting very big due to that reason.

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Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I’ll check into new lighting while the seedlings are growing. I do appreciate ya !

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40w regular bulb? As much use as a fart in a spacesuit, use deglobed led replacements as advised, I usually do up to 2 weeks under a 14w 6500k bulb only and regularly have a plant a foot wide and 6" tall in these 2 weeks and then I put it under a better light.

It’s after that point something usually goes wrong…