Wats sizes of tents grow how many plants

Just looking for advice on tent sizes

Hey!! Welcome to the forum I grow in a closet but I’m sure ppl will be here soon with great advice

Thanks mate

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What are you planning on growing strain how many at a time what kind of light do you plan on useing this will help them

Have sour diesel in tent at moment little tent that is
Looking to expand a bit
Bought a 240x120x200 tent good quality one have great ventilation
Hopefully put 6 or 8 plants in depending on advice

I grow 2 plants in a 4x8. Come over to the darkside (Hydro)

Units matter… inches, centimeters, feet! :rofl:


It’s a 4x8. Good for ~8 full size plants.

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This goes back to smaller plants, but more of them in a larger space. Or larger plants but fewer in the same space. Depends on your grow style.

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i calculate 4 plants in big pots for 100x100, or 6-9 in smaller (7L) pots on the same space

but you could also do 16 or 20 in smaller pots or with shorter veg-time. I usually veg 4-12 weeks

What is a full size plant?

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4 Plants 2x2 in a 4x4:


Figure on about 3-4 square feet, minimum, per plant. If you’re growing a SOG, figure on about 1 square foot per plant.