Waterproof material and floating devices

Does anyone know where I can find some waterproof bags or material and some floating devices for cannabis?

Can you ask your question is a little different way? I have no idea about “floating” cannabis or what that means or intends to accomplish.

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Imagine throwing a pound of weed in your pool, how do you keep it dry and on the surface of the water

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A outdoor shop like REI or maybe Dick’s would have waterproof bags for rafting and kayaking a grove bag mite work


Whenever they find kilo’s of coke washed up on beaches in Florida it’s usually just wrapped in ziploc type material and duct tape. And it survives the journey! LOL!

I have to question the Grove Bag suggestion as the system allows for a certain amount of humidity transfer between the inside and outside of the bag. In order to do that the bags have to be perforated in some way, so probably not waterproof.

You must be planning a helluva pool party!! :joy:

Hope you find your solution!!



Are u planning on shipping a ton across waters or so.ething. What would make u wanna wrap it to that extent unless u do illegal stuff with it. I mean we can come up.with some ideas here all we need to know is a reason or a close reason for this happening that will give better ideas in our heads to throw it way. Lol. I’m with the ziplock bags and some flex seal. Hell flex seal held a boat together in the commercial light to keep some weed dry lol.


Yeah about 500 miles over waters

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Woah. That’s a trip.well hope the boat stays afloat for ya. Good luck buddy.


Throw it on a enclosed mini boat with remote control.
Tiny sea dooo speedster

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Pelican Cases / strong box…

Use a small one on my boat for phones, car keys etc…JIC. and an even smaller one tucked into my wetsuit when I’m surfing for just a phone and car-key

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We call them “square Grouper” down here. Ya they used to turn up fairly regularly.


What’s this?

Do not use regular duct tape. Use military 100mph tape. This stuff.

Did anybody watch The Grand Tour Columbia Special where they dumped Richard Hammond and a Chevy Monster Silverado wrapped in polystyrene in the Bay of Bogota before daybreak?
His explanation of why they did it that way is hilarious!
And this was a FULL size Chevy Silverado on at least 36" tires. Honestly I think they were 38s or 40s.
He got the truck started after they towed it out of the surf. LOL!