Watering with distilled or RO water

So what’s the deal with using distilled or RO water. I’ve read ph adjustments to these is useless as the water takes on ph of soil

Does this mean use it as is and all will be fine ( I’m in ffof soil) or should I be adjusting it or avoid using?

I’m thinking of getting RO buddy but I need to know how to use it properly

Yes. Distilled and RO water have no ions in them for a pH to exist. It is correct to say that trying to pH distilled or RO is futile. By definition, these types of water can have no pH.

I had one and it worked well. @Not2SureYet still uses his.

Pure water has no PH. There is no potential hydrogen to affect the liquid. It’s not even possible to get an accurate PH or TDS with water less than 100 ppm (states clearly on the Bluelab instruction manual).

Hydroponic growers prefer purified water as they can introduce more salts into their solution (TDS is additive)

Awesome thanks
I happen to have a gallon of distilled sitting around for the humidifier( which we certainly don’t need right now)

I used distilled until some point in time last year. I got tired of buying distilled and got an RO system and haven’t looked back. My tap water is super hard, so tap wasn’t an option.


I have no idea on my tap other than it has enough chlorine to smell so I run it through a PUR filter

I use RO water too. It allows me better control of the nutrient solution.
Should be noted that once you add nutrients and get the ppms up you can and should adjust pH.
Initially I started using RO because it had already removed the chlorine so I didn’t have to wait for the water to gas off. Adding a larger tank to my RO system makes filling the jugs easier too.

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So since I’m in the early stages of ffof the nutes are not an issue yet but I will be going to Jacks at some point so thanks for the info @Spiney_norman @MidwestGuy and @Myfriendis410


I know that pain of buying gallons at a time of distilled it sucks lmao getting ready to switch to a ro buddy also next grow plus it can be hard to find around my area had to run to 3 different stores a couple days ago just to find distilled

I use Jacks. In RO water it lands at 5.6-5.8 every time. I dont even check pH much anymore.

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How often do you have to replace filters on RO buddy if anyone can give a rough estimate

I had to go 50 miles to get distilled when we were having all of the couf shortages. It was at that point that I decided to go RO. I use to buy it by the case, multiple cases at a time. The people at the store had to wonder what I was doing with all of that distilled. lol. I was running multiple plants at the time.

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I have a whirlpool ro system and change filters every 6 months or so. Its going to depend on your usage level and water hardness. They will slow down on production and take longer to fill your containers when you need new filters.

Rite i always get the oddest looks when I walk up with 4 cases of distilled but then wonder myself why so many stores are sold out of it non stop im not even in a legal state lol

The RO Buddy seemed intimidating at first, but I have no regrets. Keeping two filled buckets with spouts at the ready has eased up the watering/feeding regimen for me.

How long does RO keep with air stones?

If it’s covered; indefinitely.

Right now I use an old beer fermenting bucket that serves it’s purpose for now.

I’m likely going to invest in one of the 55 gallon food grade rain collection tapped barrels the city offers to residents for $11.

I have bad hips and a messed up back, so I’m looking for options that limit the amount of repetitive bending or crouching lol.

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I don’t want to pry but do you think most cities offer these I’m in Va.

Oh, offer the rain barrel. I’ve never heard of anything like that and I’m in NY state :man_shrugging:

Amen to that. :point_up_2:
I use this to water so I dont have to bend over…

Long spout funnel and 3/4" pvc pipe. Deposits water in the right spots.

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