Watering with BTI and/or nematodes

Good day everyone, hope you are all having a beautiful day of growing!

Ive got a small fungus gnat issue and I want to kill these larvae. Read the mosquito bti/bits will do the trick. I also plan to follow up with some beneficial nematodes as well for ongoing preventative.

My question is can I use my normal additives while applying these? I have amended living soil so only thing I would add is cal-mag and maybe silica.

Not sure if I can use those while applying the above or not. Tagging some old helpers @Bulldognuts @imSICKkid @Myfriendis410 hope you guys are doing well.

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I’m honestly not sure, but my gut tells me there’s no reason that you shouldn’t continue using cal-mag, silica or any thing you would normally use. The others you tagged are more experienced and be able to say for sure. I’ll tag a couple others that can probably help. @BobbyDigital @MidwestGuy


“ILGM BOM Hall of Fame” Love it! haha.

I’m not aware that applying DE or Mosquito Bits requires any modification in feeding practices.


Thanks dudes!

Hope those bulldogs are doing good @Bulldognuts

Appreciate @MidwestGuy another mid-westerner helping out.

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I’m not sure about living soil I’m using coco and fungus gnats are horrible on the farm and following the advice of @yoshi I’ve been using milk with no adverse effects

So I was told the term ‘living soil’ is in reference to the compost added.

I guess I mis-spoke, my upcoming run (seeds popped) will be this living soil which is coco, 25% vermipost, and a mix of dry organic amendments. So maybe its not living, but like you will be doing coco but indoor.

This was a clone that I put into a 1gal fabric pot of happy frog. I am seeing the gnats, I have the yellow strips and the nematodes should be here. So I should have prefaced this is for soil.

However, I would be interested in any adverse affect this would have in coco. Thx!

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I thought the milk thing was crazy but it works and works well thanks @yoshi

Jeeze I forgot to even ask. Please tell about the milk!

I am using the milk outside but also inside in my 4x4 tent and6x8 room. I don’t add it all the time. 1x a w÷k seems to be working. I’m also going to add it to my outdoor gg4 in happy frog next watering. I’m using jacks and after mixing the silica jacks I then add the milk and then ph all seems OK. I can’t swear by it but my experience so far is positive. Outside I also spray every few days with Cap’n jacks ded bug.
P.s. have you checked out the grow store in O’Fallon I did yesterday they’re really nice and prices were good

The milk: yoshi said use 1/4 cup per gallon. That’s the measurement I’ve been using. I let the milk sit out and start to spoil or spoil completely as he said will work better

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I use about 1/2 a cup you can use spoiled milk use every other watering I believe @yoshi says it helps with bud production too

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Yes, thanks dirtydave glad I’m not the only one to try his advice

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@Allinherhead Nice, a local! I haven’t checked them out, I am still tied to the old Worms Way. But there is a new place closer than o’fallon called Weed Squad (tacky) but they re-sell the Rain Science grow bags that I am switching to. So I will give a report back if interested, its in the Crestwood/STL county area.

Are you using this for a specific insect (aphids, gnats, etc) or is this a preventative catch all? Will it kill off larvae?

@yoshi do you know if non-dairy based milks will work? Sounds like you want the spoiling to happen, the wife has almond and some other plant based crap around. No cow milk.

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Yep im out in troy now but work all over. Isnt worm way off ashby/page i bought 6" fan for chemical hood there. Im sure yoshi will respond. He said it coats the larve and they die.ill check out the other place you mentioned one of these days. Im working in st charles today.

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Hell yeah. Cool to see some MO/IL locals! My buddy really likes going to grow active in STL but I’ve never bought anything from shops locally just usually plan ahead and hit up Amazon for everything lol


Yep that’s the location. Now called St. Louis hydro. Be safe stay cool!

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You too my friend

Some of thelocal shops can beat Amazon. And if the price is close I’d rather see the cash stay local. The store i mentioned in O’Fallon sells hlg cheaper than online. I don’t really want to push them on anybody I was just impressed with the peeps there.

Next month im thinking about upgrading my flower tent go 4- 260xls you think they would have them in stock? Looking at like $1130 for all 4 with the coupon code think they can beat that pricing?

Even with dude code? That’s good to know they carry hlg I use them.

You’re right they can beat Amazon. In fact for me he even beat rain science direct by three bucks due to some vendor discount. I’m happy my money is going to a us based company and I’m not using amazing to fulfill it. Shop local :v:

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